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Electronic components full volume upgrade 10 shares unlimited potential for the rapid development of electronic connectors demand volume can be expected in 2016 Chinese Kunshan international electronic components, materials and production equipment exhibition held in Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center today, products include electronic components, connectors, connector components and electronic materials etc.. The exhibition will be committed to the domestic and foreign electronic market to create a professional exchange platform to further promote the rapid development of China’s electronic components industry. Among them, the connector as an indispensable basic electronic components in electronic equipment, will usher in rapid development opportunities. The agency expects that by 2017, the global connector market size is expected to reach $61 billion 800 million. The utility model relates to a connector, which is a functional element which makes the circuit or the optical channel switch on, off or convert by the function of the electric signal, the optical signal and the mechanical force. The utility model can be used as an electrical signal or an optical signal connection between a device, a component, a device and a system, which can ensure the normal function of the equipment through the fast, stable, low loss and high fidelity transmission of the electrical signal. At present, the connector has been widely used in aerospace, computers, transportation, automotive, industrial, household appliances and other fields. In recent years, thanks to the continuous development of automotive and consumer electronics and other downstream industries, the rapid growth of the global connector market demand, the market size of the situation to accelerate the expansion. Data show that last year the global connector market reached $56 billion 200 million. China as the world’s largest connector production base, the overall level of manufacturing is rapidly improving, the market size is also increasing year by year. In recent years, China’s connector industry CAGR of 13.6%, much higher than the global growth rate of the same period of 8%. Data show that last year China’s connector market reached $14 billion 500 million, the share increased to 26.13%. At present, China’s connector is mainly in the low-end market, high-end connector share is low, but the rapid growth of market demand. With the gradual increase of the demand for high-end connectors manufacturers and downstream industry, put forward higher requirements on the parts quality, research and development, the price level, many domestic enterprises have began the development of high-end connector products. Domestic connector product structure will be gradually upgraded, industry concentration is expected to rapidly improve. From the industrial chain, the upstream connector industry for a variety of metal materials, plastic materials and materials manufacturing; downstream demand largest industries are mainly cars, data communication, computer peripheral products and industry, accounted for 22%, 21%, 16.5% and 12%. From the growth point of view, followed by cars, data communications and transportation industry, the growth rate was 8%, 7% and 5.3%. From the application field of automotive connectors, automotive connectors and wiring harness is an important part of connecting various automotive electrical and electronic equipment, automotive control is the carrier signal, also known as the central nervous system of the automobile. There are hundreds of types of connectors that are commonly used in car locks. China Automobile Industry Association statistics show that last year, China’s passenger car production and sales were 21 million 79 thousand and 400 and 21 million 146 thousand and 300, an increase of more than the previous year and 7.3%, respectively, and 5.8%. This year, China’s passenger car sales will continue high growth trend. From January to July, i.相关的主题文章: