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10000.   who is the master! "Master" warriors came – domineering people.com.cn game pack and a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, who will become the peerless master, writing legend? "" is dominated by edge warriors tour network developed a fantasy type RPG Mobile Games, according to the famous novel, a collection of many strategies of operation and fight hero collection the concept, hero to develop a variety of play, both action game fun casual games also have fierce comfortable leisurely. Micro – legendary place God operation is the first element is a lot of game player judgment game is playable, after all the fun of the game in addition to spreading in the plot lines and architecture world view is mainly reflected in the operability of the war. "No" is used to dominate the virtual joystick plus key operation mode, the common mode of operation which is RPG, the best operating posture is the game player hands the field at the same time, at the same time to attack mobile. The virtual joystick has a lot of benefits — 360 degree dead ~ in the face of the enemy’s attack, as long as the game player is enough to walk, can avoid, of course, the premise is the operation nimble enough. In addition, the game has many innovative factors in detail. Players can battle up to four heroes in the battle and can be achieved by the left side of the head corresponding operation, to achieve a true battle scene, there is no limitation of system control. Of course, the game also set up automatic battle mode, let the person with cancer or cancer of the hand is a lazy game player can liberate your hands, on the sidelines of the whole process of the battle. But to tell the truth, the operation of the game is very distinctive, playability is very strong, not to friends or their best game player cannot but feel personally into battle, and micro positioning to bring a sense of achievement. Is it cool beast mounts — can be described is created, "unparalleled" dominate the climax, consists of domestication and the beast beast beast riding as part of culture, they reveal the skills, is an important part of gameplay. The collected animals can help the game player in the battle, because each beast has unique skills, this skill can enhance the property value. In addition, they reveal the acclimation to a certain stage can ride, game player can steer yourself love beast walking in each scene, the scene, it was cool wow, but for those who collect control, they reveal is another collection of target in the hero outside, collect different beast, understand them behind the different the story, I would like to harvest more moved. After all, they reveal itself is already strong presence, when they are tame, along with the battle, will be more of a contrast adorable. N a role — in addition to collocation lineup created, "a variety of characters has dominated unparalleled", according to the description of design in the novel and distinctive personality, different attributes. The hero is divided into the defense, attack, attack and auxiliary four types, different types of hero in the battle of the different division, game player can collocation according to their properties, the most suitable for combat team organization. Hero training相关的主题文章: