16, SMG super Betfair Kelly variance about Botta Fuego-9c8836

16, SMG super Betfair: Kelly Botta Fuego super bullish variance index SPdex11 16 July SMG 002 times (Botta Fuego VS Kearns chapais) game data: Botta Fuego Brazil currently ranked fifth in the league, the team for the 4 consecutive home court is 3 wins 1 flat, the mainstream company gives the guest 0.75 ball, visible to the at present, trust, early data super index can be seen, the buyer was to found the main Jiancang, Kelly found variance is currently 2 Peace Bureau 8 is 4 times, while outside Asia index is negative 1.2, indicating that retail is to let the party support, the company will profit to the mainstream, the home team has achieved victory. SMG SMG recommended: Shengping Fu Sheng -1 let the ball Shengping Fu recommended: Sheng SMG recommended: 2, the total number of goals 3 SMG recommended: 3:0 score, 2:0 index of super SPdex11 16 SMG 006 sessions (Recife VS Cruzeiro) game data: Recife has recently started strong, the team continued success and this brings the advantage to the value field, and the current super index data show that the current hot draw, in the main view is that the seller, is not afraid of a draw, the current Asian index is also negative 1.5, indicating that retail is also attracted to let the side direction, so the home team win. SMG SMG recommended: Shengping Fu Sheng -1 let the ball Shengping Fu Ping Sheng SMG recommended: the total number of goals recommended: 2, 3 SMG recommended: 2:1, 2:0 score above for spdex super index early reminder, due to turnover peak, more details please pay attention to the spot data, such as the spot may appear larger variables. The results of the forecast effect. Author: black and white SPdex super index official production, more content to view WeChat spdex2012相关的主题文章: