2 men with bamboo floor sleeping residents window to steal 1 jingfangxingju-sayu-02

2 men with bamboo floor sleeping residents window to steal 1 jingfangxingju original title: morning bamboo into the window to theft of Chinese daily news (reporter Intern Yang Hao Bai Tingting) a man was at the site of Danfeng, migrant workers, in order to fast money, they have fled by car Xianyang, Xi’an two villages, and often live on the first floor go to bed at night when the window is open for residents to start, residents picked bamboo clothes, theft of property. However, they had not been able to leave Xianyang, was arrested by the police in Xianyang. The afternoon of November 20th, the Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch of the Dongfeng Weicheng police squadron of police received the area Li Jiabao, tal slope residents report that at bedtime after home stolen. Immediately, the police investigation. Police handling the transfer of the video found near the village, November 20th, 21 am 1 pm to 6 pm, two middle-aged men sneaking in the wandering village, one of them took a long bamboo pole, at each house window, will use the electric hand in it, then the bamboo stuck out residents clothing, the clothes in the money stolen. November 21st at 8 am, according to the trajectory of the action of the suspect, the police in the jurisdiction of a small hotel in the area, will be arrested by the two men, when they had just finished the case, is sleeping in the hotel in the big sleep. After interrogation, the two suspects were Zhang (42 years old) and Wu (34 years old), they are Danfeng County, met at a construction site in Xi’an, when working. Because the money is too slow to work, a total of two people hit the idea of theft. The evening of November 19th, the two drove to Xianyang, the Capitol, start looking for opportunities to commit crimes in the vicinity of Li Jiabao at 20 am, the crime with bamboo in the village are picked up, and then picked up the wire hooks in the front. "Is generally use small electric power to the first floor tenants have clothes on the inside, with a bamboo pole to grow." Yesterday, Zhang said, in general, after stealing the property will be discarded clothes, see a little better clothes and belts will be taken away. Yesterday, Dongfeng police squadron police investigators, the two suspects in Xianyang has been implemented since the implementation of the case, involving more than 2 yuan. At present, they have been Weicheng police criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: