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2016 fastest growing U.S. stocks, Facebook third, vip.com, second! Sohu technology recently, Fortune magazine released the fastest growing U.S. stocks 100 companies, the United States natural health fashion group ranked first, Facebook third. China has 9 companies on the list, vip.com ranked second. The list is based on the company’s operating income, profits and stock returns over the past three years. "Fortune" magazine list: 2016 100 of the fastest growing company vip.com ranks second according to vip.com’s 2016 second quarter financial results, the company has 15 consecutive quarters of earnings, the results once again set a record for the electricity supplier industry. But growth is still rapid: net revenue reached 13 billion 440 million yuan, an increase of 49%; the total number of active users to 23 million, an increase of 62%; when the season Xinke number year-on-year growth of 50%; the total number of orders grew 54%. In China business competitive environment, coupled with the netizen multiple pressure slowdown, declining demographic dividend, vip.com can get so amazing and sustained growth, no doubt thanks to Zoupian Jian Feng "sale mode", from vip.com’s original sale mode as it ahead of the industry average growth rate of the core competition barriers. Moreover, the sale mode has been in the process of continuous innovation, to further meet the needs of users, the matching mode of consumption upgrading, so as to provide high-quality goods and high-quality service for users. "Select + recommended" sale mode has become a bright spot Chinese business earlier, vip.com joined British economist magazine famous for Asian women online shopping behavior released a report entitled "Asian women online shopping force" rise in the research report, report shows that women in online shopping users every day at least 64% Chinese login browse shopping sites a; 80% female netizens said, "even if you don’t want to buy anything, I will go to the shopping site; 77% of women believe that" the shopping website is an important channel to obtain information on fashion trends; 45% of the women said "didn’t want to buy, but the Internet stroll around found contrary to expectation. On an impulse to buy". It is the insight and research based on data support, vip.com has long existed in the open front of the fashion business sales platform and back-end fashion and content of manufactured products of ecological industry chain "idea and active layout in the content, constantly seek innovation and breakthrough, upgrade vip.com sale" featured 2 + recommended "mode. The same is shopping, you are willing to look for a needle in the ocean’s dynamic batch, uneven in quality or willing to visit, everything fine everywhere want joy? Obviously, both the brand and quality, the latter is more in line with consumer demand, while vip.com in over 11 countries and regions worldwide buyers, according to the trend and sales data analysis, selection of brands and products, except as a guarantee of quality, consumers are more likely to move. Compared with Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, vip.com was selected as a joy, so that consumers are more willing to hang around them, enjoy online shopping. November 4th, Chinese consumers a相关的主题文章: