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2016 Hurun Report: Beijing Shanghai Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou Zhejiang rich together is still the most cattle Hangzhou Zhejiang rich deep together is still the most cattle 13 Hurun Research Institute released the 2016 Hurun Report, the threshold list for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan. This year there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached $2 billion and above, an increase of 179 over last year, the lowest increase for the past three years. Which 2056 cities from the rich? First financial daily combing found that Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou is the focus of the rich, the list of rich focus. From the birthplace of view, Zhejiang is still the first. Zhejiang is the most cattle in the provinces, Guangdong is still the most entrepreneurs enterprises to set up regional headquarters, 406, 53 more than last year; Beijing is still second, 342, 42 more than last year; Zhejiang third, 278, 16 more than last year. Jiangsu and Shanghai followed by 187 and 170, with Shandong and Fujian at the top of the list of the top six or seven. "First Financial Daily" reporter statistics found that corporate headquarters count, the seven coastal provinces on the list of entrepreneurs reached 1570, accounting for up to 76%. On the whole, mainly from the wealthy south, Guangdong, Zhejiang, where the total number of Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, the five provinces reached 1121, accounting for about 55% of the country, North Beijing is thriving, the other third major economic province of Shandong has 107. From the birthplace of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, the number is still ranked first, 23 bit to 248 less than last year. If taking into account the population base, lead Zhejiang is more obvious. 2015, Zhejiang’s total population of 55 million 390 thousand people, ranking the province’s tenth place, equivalent to only about half of Guangdong, Shandong, and Jiangsu is not a small distance. From Zhejiang, Zhuji, the current venture in Guangzhou, said Chen Xinming, Zhejiang businessmen more than Guangdong businessmen fight, more adventurous. In addition for a long time, Zhejiang has always attached great importance to the transformation of education, in order to "Internet plus" as the representative of the industrial upgrading process, is also at the forefront of zhejiang. For example, at the start empty-handed 80 of the rich, mostly from the emerging industry, and most of Zhejiang. For example, Shenzhen Xinjiang innovation Wang Tao is Hangzhou, Shanghai tour family network Lynch is Zhejiang Wenzhou people. Remarkable young generations of Zhejiang’s ability to create wealth. After Zhejiang, ranked second in Guangdong, there are 232 people, an increase of more than last year, 20 people. Chen Xinming on the "First Financial Daily" said, Cantonese, mainly Cantonese, Hakka and Chaoshanese three parts, of which, Chaozhou merchants and Zhejiang, hard work and adventure is strongest, so are the most powerful commercial power. For example, in the Hurun Report’s top five, third Ma Huateng and fourth Yao Zhenhua were from Chaoshan area, the treasure to Yao Zhenhua in the war Wanbao this year is "nobody knows you". Similar to Zhejiang, Chaozhou, Fujian’s presence also emerged. Although Fujian’s population is ranked fifteenth in the country, the economy is the country’s total of twelfth, but was born in Fujian, but the number of billionaires in the top fifth, the headquarters of the number of enterprises in the first group of entrepreneurs with the headquarters of the 7;相关的主题文章: