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23 Qin merchants selected 2016 Hurun rich list, the threshold of 2 billion yuan newspaper (reporter Wang He) yesterday, the Hurun Research Institute released "2016 Hurun rich list" list threshold has been maintained for four consecutive years 2 billion yuan, a total of 2056 entrepreneurs list. From the birthplace of entrepreneurs, the number of finalists in Qin businessmen reached 23, Zhao Tao topped the list of Shaanxi with 30 billion yuan. There are 14 entrepreneurs listed on the corporate headquarters in Shaanxi, and the Shi Guilu family is the richest man in Shaanxi with 7 billion 500 million yuan. From the birthplace of entrepreneurs, the number of Qin businessmen on the list and last year was flat to 23 people, step group Zhao Tao to 30 billion yuan wealth ranked fifty-third. Pace group was founded in 1993, is a collection of pharmaceutical research, production, sales and medical services, education as one of the well-known high-tech health industry group. The list of entrepreneurs to set up corporate headquarters in Shaanxi, a total of 14, compared with last year, a decrease of two, the total number ranked twentieth in the country. Veterans holding group in Shaanxi area to become the Shi Guilu family’s richest man 7 billion 500 million, ranked 473rd overall standings total. Veterans holding group is a large private enterprise management, covering the field of service industry, trade logistics, real estate, finance, investment and comprehensive development of agriculture. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only for extended reading. Zhao Wei and his wife put 6 billion 600 million assets on the list

23名秦商入选2016胡润百富榜 上榜门槛20亿元  本报讯 (记者 王赫) 昨日,胡润研究院发布《2016胡润百富榜》上榜门槛已连续四年保持20亿元,共有2056位企业家上榜。从企业家出生地来看,入围的秦商人数达23位,赵涛以300亿元问鼎陕西榜首。企业总部在陕西的上榜企业家有14名,史贵禄家族以75亿元位居陕西首富。  从企业家出生地来看,上榜的秦商人数和去年持平为23人,步长集团赵涛以300亿元财富位居第53位。步长集团成立于1993年,是一家集医药研究、生产、销售和诊疗服务、教育为一体的国内知名高科技健康产业集团。  上榜企业家设立企业总部的地区在陕西的共有14位,和去年相比减少了两名,总人数排名全国第20位。荣民控股集团史贵禄家族以75亿成为陕西地区首富,总排名位列总榜第473名。荣民控股集团是陕西一家大型民营企业,经营领域覆盖服务业、商贸物流、房地产、金融、投资、农业综合开发等。(西安晚报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 胡润发布白手起家富豪榜 赵薇夫妇以66亿资产上榜相关的主题文章: