3 Important Aspects That Must Be Considered During .patibility Testing Of Mobile Software-minmi

Software It is known that differences between mobile devices are more substantial that between personal .puters. Though nowadays there are many types and manufacturers of both mobile and desktop devices. The differences have impact on software development and on web site testing , desktop testing and mobile application testing . Mobile software products are mostly created for smartphones and tablets. These two large groups of mobile devices are built up on smartphone technologies and are produced by numerous manufacturers. But these groups of mobile devices vary greatly. Main Distinctions Between Smartphones and Tablets Are: – screen is bigger in a tablet than in a smartphone; – there is no built in cellular phone in a tablet. Besides at present there is abundance of mobile devices models. Each model is unique and has its peculiarities. All this makes .patibility testing of a mobile software product very important. A mobile application must operate as intended on many very different devices. This .plicates the development process and mobile application testing, but without being suitable for many various smartphones and tablets a mobile program will not be successful in production. That is why it is necessary to take into account a lot of aspects in course of .patibility testing of a mobile application. Aspects That One Must Considered During Mobile Testing: 1. Divers manufacturers utilize different .binations of software and hardware for their devices. There is often unique firmware in mobile device. Characteristics of hardware of different manufacturers also have distinctions. As a result, smartphones and tablets of various manufacturers possess unique features. Devices of one manufacturer are known to have the best screen resolution and rich bright colors. Devices of another manufacturer show high performance or have large storage space. 2. Nowadays there are at least several widely spread mobile operation systems. Each of the operation system has a number of versions and there is a great deal of subversions. A software product may work fine on one operation system and crash or freeze up on its other version or subversion. 3. Many of mobile software products require connection to the Internet. As a rule a mobile operation system supports several browsers. Each browser has versions and subversions, as operation systems do. So, a software testing .pany informs that one should check work of the tested mobile program on a lot of software and hardware configurations performing mobile application testing . Only this way it is possible to make sure that the application is suitable for functioning on popular devices and platforms. 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