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Parenting According To West Ridge Academy, many parents would tell you how happy they were the day their child was first brought into this world and what a significant impact it had on their lives. Parents often credit their children for inspiring them to be.e better persons. Only parents truly understand the huge responsibility for a person to take on; hence its only fair that there should be major changes in the demeanor and lifestyle of parents in order for them to fulfill the tremendous responsibilities that .e with being a parent. Kids are very dependent upon the love, care, nourishment, and guidance of their parents since the day they were born until they be.e toddlers, all the way up until they reach early childhood. During this period, kids normally don’t question their parents’ decisions when it .es to disciplining them and will follow them readily; assuming they are raised in a normal loving household that is. Still, there are some kids who are really head strong that will insist on what they want and will try to impress this upon their parents, especially when they are entering that critical stage of early adulthood, or what is normally referred to as teenagers. West Ridge Academy says that these are the moments when parents need to be strong by sticking to what they believe is right; for their benefit and that of their children. Listed below are some important reminders that parents need to remember when they encounter these situations. 1. You must set the boundaries. Sometimes children, especially teenagers, tend to think that they are mature enough to make decisions on their own, that sometimes they will try to do things their own way even though it is contrary to what you have been teaching them all along. As the parent, you need to stand your ground and be adamant about having your way in this case however because you definitely know better than them because you already went through these situations in the past. Although it’s important that children should be able to express themselves, but this privilege should only be given to them when the time is right; only when you are absolutely sure that they already reached that stage when they are ready to step up to the plate and decide for themselves. But until that time .es, your decisions shall be followed for the benefit of everybody. 2. You should show consistency. After laying the boundaries, it’s very important that you show consistency in implementing them across the board. It is important that your children can see that you are handing out punishments consistently in case they cross the boundaries that you have set, otherwise they will feel confused and wont be able to distinguish for themselves when they are breaking the rules or not. Should you have more than one child, it’s also crucial that you don’t play any favorites and that the rules and punishments be applied in equal measure for all of them. If your child will have a problem following the rules that you have set because of your inconsistency in implementing them, then frankly speaking it will be your fault and not of the childs. 3. You need to be clear. Just like the other endeavors that we pursue in life, .munication is a key .ponent towards our success in any field. This is also true with parenting. Don’t let the boundaries and rules that you worked so hard to implement for the benefit of your children, just be wasted because you have failed to .municate them effectively. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: