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3 year old boy was more than 20 agricultural vehicles stranded leg brother relay hospital – Beijing northeast news network October 25th 23, a 3 year old boy in Qing’an County, the right leg by a belt cutter agricultural four wheeled vehicle, in a well intentioned neighbors and more than 20 brother enthusiasm to help, the little boy was sent to the the fifth hospital of Harbin received treatment. 23, 15 am, who lives in Qing’an County of Suihua City, Shan Jubao Juquan village farmers Gumou to do farm work, he will be the 3 year old son Qiqi in the driver’s seat of agricultural four wheeled vehicle, the car did not die, Gumou left the car. Qiqi fell into the high-speed operation of the belt wheel is triangular, right leg joint with right foot was twisted. Valley saw a rise in this scene, immediately ran to the four wheel of agricultural vehicles closed. Gumou Qiqi bloody right leg from the belt out, Qiqi right leg has been cut. Gumou found the village neighbor, a good neighbor surnamed Meng immediately drove Qiqi to the fifth hospital of harbin. The unfamiliar road, to the provincial capital of a media call for help of an aunt Qiqi. Soon, the radio news immediately spread out, more than 20 brothers from different taxi companies in Harbin, immediately stopped working, rushed to the river north Geng Jia town at the mouth, meets with the arrival of Qiqi. When Qiqi’s car from the city entrance, more than 20 brothers immediately went up. Subsequently, more than and 20 taxi guide and escort, lined up, open the double flash, onto the ring bridge, the fifth hospital of Harbin to sped past. 18 PM, Qiqi was sent to the City fifth hospital emergency department, the hospital opened Easy Access. After examination and diagnosis, Qiqi for the right leg and foot damage, right leg and foot has been unable to keep. 20 am, Qiqi was sent to the operation room, amputation surgery. The Qiqi family name Meng neighbor, for more than 20 of the city be strangers to each other’s enthusiasm to help very touched. "Our family will always remember the good guys." Valley said excitedly. Cui Mingming Wang (Tian Shaodong)相关的主题文章: