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4 delicious recipes and kidney yin and kidney lead: women will, to what is nourishing yin and tonifying kidney is better? If you don’t want to eat a lot of pills, rely on diet therapy! Don’t miss the recipe of nourishing yin and kidney! Content source: PCLADY what to eat what to eat kidney kidney: black bean kelp oxtail soup materials: oxtail, black beans, longan, onion, seaweed, ginger, salt, wine and other spices. Approach: first, the oxtail washed into the pot, boiled water, fishing to the end of the blood, then remove and clean oxtail. Then, wash kelp clean, cut into diamond blocks, black beans soaked in water for half a day ahead. Then, the pot boiling water, add oxtail, onion ginger, boil skim floating foam add wine, boil to add flavor beans. In about 1.5 hours, add kelp block, and finally cook for a while, add longan meat, meat rotten, add salt, seasoning can be out of the pot. Efficacy: can invigorate the kidney, spleen, anti-aging. What to eat: Tremella Bushen medlar soup ingredients: Tremella 50 grams, 25 grams of wolfberry practices: the white fungus into the pot to cook for a period of time after adding medlar, gently fried into thick juice, add sugar to taste it. Efficacy: the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney. Kidney food, kidney what to eat: Velvet stewed chicken bone material: black bone chicken 250 grams, velvet antler 10 grams. Practice: first wash black bone chicken, cut into pieces, together with deer antler stew, add appropriate amount of water, slow fire water cooked, seasoning can be taken. Efficacy: warming the uterus and tonifying the kidney, suitable for palace cold, kidney deficiency, infertility and so on. What to eat: Lotus minced chicken kidney material: Lotus 60 grams, 10 grams of letinous edodes, net chicken meat 250 grams, 10 grams of ham, egg white, starch, spices amount. Practice: first chicken meat slices, with egg white and cornstarch; letinous edodes soak with ham cut into small diamond; lotus seeds to the heart, steamed spare. Then, the minced chicken in the pan fry until seven mature, Lek to oil, add lotus seeds, letinous edodes, ham and amount of spices, stir fry pan can be. Efficacy: it can invigorate the spleen and invigorate the kidney and invigorate the body. In addition to recipes, you can also eat the following recommended food, is conducive to women nourishing yin and kidney!     4款美味食谱补肾又滋阴   导语:女性也会肾亏,要想滋阴补肾是什么比较好呢?不想吃一大堆药的话就靠食疗来补吧!这些滋阴补肾的食谱别错过哦!内容来源:PCLADY 补肾吃什么   补肾吃什么:黑豆海带牛尾汤   材料:牛尾、黑豆、桂圆,葱、海带、姜、盐、绍酒等调料。   做法:首先,将牛尾洗干净,放入锅内,焯水,捞去血末,再捞出干净的牛尾。接着,将海带洗干净切成菱形块,黑豆提前用清水浸泡半天。然后,锅中烧开水,放入牛尾、葱姜,开锅后撇去浮沫再加入绍酒,煮到有香味时放入黑豆。在一个半小时左右,加入海带块,最后略煮一会儿,放入桂圆肉,肉烂后加点盐调味就可以出锅。   功效:可以补肾健脾、抗衰老。   补肾吃什么:银耳枸杞汤   材料:银耳50克,枸杞25克   做法:将银耳放入锅中煮一段时间后加入枸杞,用文火煎成稠汁状,加糖调味就可以了。   功效:具有滋阴补肾的功效。 补肾食品   补肾吃什么:鹿茸炖乌鸡   材料:乌鸡250克,鹿茸10克。   做法:先将乌鸡洗干净,切成块,同鹿茸一起炖,加开水适量,文火隔水炖熟,调味后就可以服用。   功效:可以温宫补肾,适用于宫冷、肾虚精衰不孕者等。   补肾吃什么:莲子鸡丁   材料:莲子60克,香菇10克,净鸡脯肉250克,火腿肉10克,蛋清、淀粉、调料适量。   做法:先将鸡脯肉切丁,用蛋清、淀粉拌匀;香菇泡软,同火腿肉切成小菱形块;莲子去心,蒸熟备用。接着,将鸡丁在油锅中煸至七成熟,沥去油,加入莲子、香菇、火腿及适量调味品,翻炒几下出锅就可以了。   功效:可以健脾补肾,养心强身。   除了食谱外,也可以多吃下面推荐的食物,有利于女人滋阴补肾!  相关的主题文章: