5 shots, feel Li Keqiang’s first visit to Laos (Photos) mentalist

5 shots, feel Li Keqiang’s first visit to Laos (Photos) original title: 5 shots, feeling the first visit by Premier Li Keqiang on September 8th – 9 days old, Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s first official visit to laos. The country is small, but important to china. Foreign relations in China in Laos is one of the few "four good" – "good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners". This year marks the 55 anniversary of the establishment of the old, Li Keqiang’s visit to the relations between the two countries in the "Vientiane" update. In the old years of cooperation, a landmark project can be summarized as "one line" and "satellite" and "land", respectively, will promote Laos from land "closed" become "Miss United States in the old railway, general contracting enterprise" Chinese Laos satellite. And the old countries jointly invest in the development of the competition amongthe comprehensive development zone. Li Keqiang’s visit to Laos, and upgrade the old cooperation. 8 pm, Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Laos thongloun to witness the signing of 20 cooperation agreements, covering the production, trade and investment, economic and technical cooperation, education and other fields. The two prime ministers attended the signing ceremony, has been very happy to talk about the joy of expression of rich results. The 8 day, Li Keqiang and the prime minister thongloun in Laos jointly attended the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements between the two countries. On the morning of 9, Li Keqiang went to visit the public schools are Vientiane liao. This is the only arrangement for Li Keqiang’s visit to Laos, a direct contact with the Lao society activities. Liao Du school was founded in 1937, is a collective public overseas Chinese school, offering kindergarten to high school curriculum, which is famous for its old bilingual teaching, the number of students more than 2800 people. Li Keqiang came to the Lao language classroom, he read the textbook on the desk, ask the staff to where these textbooks are published. Li Keqiang also asked a student to learn a few years Chinese, when students answer some tension, Li Keqiang smiled and said to her, you are in the old friendship in the future, I hope you learn Chinese, will have the opportunity to visit Chinese, learning, and even work. In the school calligraphy classroom, the students are practicing writing brush. When you see the students write the Mid Autumn Festival two words, Li Keqiang asked them if they know the meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival, a student replied, Mid Autumn Festival is to eat moon cake, triggering the presence of laughter. Li Keqiang said that the Mid Autumn Festival is a festival of reunion, hope friends friendship like Mid Autumn Festival as the successful, I hope you Study hard, become a national development pillar, do old friendly successors. Li Keqiang visited the school and Liao Du calligraphy classroom communication with students. Lao students told me that she was lucky to have the opportunity to see the Chinese premier. Although she is a beginner, but has been fond of Chinese calligraphy art, write very interesting, I hope to have the opportunity to study in china. In the Liao all public school, volunteer teachers exchange Li Keqiang with the school more than 20 from the Chinese. Li Keqiang said, you stay away from the motherland and family, in a foreign country to spread Chinese language and culture. Not only you sow the seeds of knowledge, it is the seed of friendship, will achieve "double harvest". You go abroad to teach, truly "students everywhere". We hope that you will be the spokesman of the Chinese image, the disseminator of Chinese culture, the old man.相关的主题文章: