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[500] arrangement of three lottery network 16305th lottery network Steamed Buns [500 recommendation summary] 1225 arrangement of three phase 16305th: a comprehensive analysis on the review: lottery numbers: 470, two even one odd, two small. The span is 7, and the value is 11. A difference of 3, a difference of 4, ten for 7; and 11 hundred, hundred and 4, ten and 7. The forecast: focus on three 079 hundred difference 1 Jiasha bile lore 300 difference 0 Jiasha lore 50 difference 5 and 710 value Jiasha lore lore 7 Jiasha 800 and the value of 18 Jiasha lore 90 and the value of 13 Jiasha 1 thousand and 500 lore lore 2 Jiasha 50 positioning positioning Jiasha 6 positioning 3 lore lore 2 Jiasha group recommended 045679 86 yards (500 lottery lottery network) ================================================ [500] Qianshan leaves arranged in three period: three 2016305th 469 lottery lottery number P3 on the bile: 470, group six, even parity form, span 7 span, and a value of 11 is expected this period analysis as follows: (two) Danma analysis: 100 the following 5 100: recent trends: 1 -8-5-7-4, is this period value 90: recently 5 period ten trends: 8-8-1-5-7, is expected this period value 4 bits are as follows: 5 a recent trend: 9-8-8-1-0, is expected this period value 6 (three): recent period span span analysis trend: 5-5-8-8-5-7-5-5-4-6-8-0-7-6-7, the span of 7, large span down the 3 period, this period attention span to 5 span out good. (four) and value analysis: and the value of the last few trends: 12-17-9-13-18-24-14-13-11, and the value of the end of the road out of the 1, the current focus on the value of the road and the tail of the 0, the current bullish on the tail of the 9. (five) the size of analysis: the period of size ratio: 1:2. the decimal number to 1, this period value the number of covering, the focus on 1 big and 2 small. Three: 469: Six duplex bile group 345679: 497649569499559 directly elected (500 lottery lottery network) ================================================ [500] building team ranked three in 16305th stages: kill and tail 59 ranked three out of 304th to 470, the size ratio of 1:2, parity ratio 1: 2, span 7, 6 combinations, and a value of 11. Ranked three in the 305th phase of the forecast period of the span of the order of 10)相关的主题文章: