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Certification-Tests MCPD Windows Developer certification is awarded by Microsoft those who clear the online MCPD examination. This exam tests knowledge of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms technology in the .NET Framework 3.5 and 4. This certification is apt for those who want to specialize in the field of building applications related to Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft .NET Framework, and related technologies. Those successfully completing mcpd windows developer certification get lot of job opportunities knocking their doors. The usually get job roles such as Programmer, Software Engineer, Applications Administrator, Application Specialist, Solutions architect among others. Who Is Eligible For MCPD Windows Developer Examination? MCPD Windows Developer Examination requires Passing the three MCTS exams: NET Framework 4 ADO .NET Accessing Data, Windows Communication Foundation Development and Windows Applications Development and then appear for the required MCPD Windows Developer exam. The examination can be taken up in VB or CSharp. At least three years work experience in development which includes one or two years work experience in Windows based applications. How to Prepare For MCPD Windows Developer Certification MCPD Windows Developer Certification is not an easy peak to reach. It calls for proper understanding of the concepts along with the relevant work experience. This calls for dedicated hours of study every day with focus on answering questions in the exam. This would mean lots of research and reading to get hold of relevant materials. As working professionals, wouldnt have so much time to spare they can opt to take training from professional training institutes. These sorts of trainings are available online and face to face. The advantages of subscribing to training centers are. These kits also comprises of tutorials, notes, articles for better understanding of the key concepts and exam tips. They provide exam preparation kit which contains practice tests with questions as they appear in the exam. The practical tests come with comprehensive tools for identifying the strong areas, areas needs improvements in terms of understanding, application etc. Aligning to these training centers saves time unnecessary time spent on research for relevant materials on the internet or libraries. The training centers promise assured success or 100% money back guarantee. Benefits of the MCPD Windows Developer Certification MCPD Windows Developer certification is taken as industry standard indicator to demonstrate the capabilities of the developer. MCPD Windows Developer are better paid than their peers doing the same job MCPD Windows Developer is preferred choice for employment by big IT giants as they are considered to be skilled, knowledgeable and through professionals. Microsoft certified exams are designed to match with industrial demands. So, the certified professionals prove their ability to learn and understand new technologies and rise up to new challenges. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: