Cold drink Men wear cold to go to the train station – Beijing, numerous liquor drunk 乃々果花

Cold drink? Men wear cold to go to the train station – Beijing, numerous liquor drunk newspaper news (reporter Wang Zihan) these days, Chongqing temperatures plunged, a winter posture, many people are wearing a sweater or jacket Long Johns. For outsiders, if you do not pay attention to view the weather forecast, it is likely that Chongqing will not expect these days of cold. Yesterday morning, in the Wu Long Railway Station, a man in Guizhou in summer to return home, but did not think the weather is very cold, with no clothes he choose to drink cold, the wine become unconscious. 8 morning, Wu Long Railway Station police station director Zhou Hongwei will end early, just out of the police station led the police compound, they found the Wu Long Railway Station station square lying on a man, a few people around the surrounding back. Zhou Hongwei came to see, found the more than and 30 year old man was only dressed in a white T-shirt, wearing a grey shorts, lying on the ground was shaking, and covered with the alcohol. In the man’s side, scattered with a few coconut and some messy items, onlookers, the man may be drunk because he fell asleep here. The morning of the cold ground, director of the week and the police immediately approached the man to wake up and hold to the police office, police to pour boiling water, open air conditioning for him from the cold. Man Sohn, 36 years old this year, Guizhou Songtao people. The same day at 6 in the morning, he came to the train station ready to take the K73 train back to Guizhou, Tongren. Because with so little clothes he had to wear short sleeved shorts. These days the weather is cold in Chongqing, so that he did not expect. In order to keep out the cold, he bought a bottle of a high number of liquor drink up, who knows the drinker, imperceptibly completely drunken sleep in the square. Between words, Sohn still not awake. The police found he had hundreds of yuan in cash and then by telephone, mobile phone Sohn contacted his cousin, cousin to the train station in Tongren station. After more than an hour, Sohn a little sober, just K73 train stop, the police will be sent to the sun, and told the conductor to help look after. Police remind, clothing should adapt to the weather, try not to drink cold. Alcohol makes human vascular expansion, accelerate blood circulation, have warm feeling, but also means cooling rapidly, Jiujin after more cold. At the same time, alcohol has a paralytic effect, probably also won’t be aware of frostbite. In addition, the drunk, the safety of person and property is not guaranteed, so we should try to avoid drinking alcohol, and choose the right way to keep out the cold. Related news over the weekend is 30 years over the same period the most cold temperatures rise tomorrow newspaper news (reporter Shi Heng) yesterday, Chongqing in Xiushan, Youyang these places have small to moderate rain, cloudy weather in other parts. After noon, the main city also appeared a lot of sunshine. Throughout the temperature is still in the doldrums, the maximum temperature of 10-20 DEG C, the city’s only maximum temperature of more than 20 degrees in Wuxi, at a temperature of 20.4 degrees C. The highest temperature in the main city is only 17.5. From the beginning of last Friday, the weather in Chongqing is ahead of the winter. According to the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau Information Center data show that the weekend two days, heavy.相关的主题文章: