Trump may use the mobile phone safety performance is higher than the BlackBerry 音羽かなで

Trump may use the mobile phone safety performance is higher than the BlackBerry BlackBerry mobile phone as everyone knows, because of the higher safety performance, by a lot of politicians and business people of all ages, such as Obama’s BlackBerry fan. But now, American officials have security for mobile phone. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that Boeing Joint International Information Systems Agency launched BOEING (Boeing black) of the mobile phone, the mobile phone has the advantages of high safety performance, personnel for government officials and specific institutions. Boeing and the international information systems agency launched the Boeing black phone is to protect the security of government personnel call information. It is reported that the mobile phone uses a special encryption processing, if someone tries to use improper way to open mobile phone, it will activate the self destruct program, erase all data and destroy all software, so as to guarantee the safety of information. It is understood that this Boeing black phone is actually the United States and the United States to build a joint product of Boeing, using the Google Android system. In addition, the machine uses a dual sim dual standby design, you can encrypt calls, but also access to a number of cellular networks, but also through their own configuration to connect biometric sensors and satellites. The "Bosnian tone" will not sell to the public mobile phone, mainly from the supply of the U.S. Department of defense and the Department of Homeland Security and other related government agencies and contractors. In addition, the adoption of the audit will be limited by the number of people in the purchase, and the purchase of the user must also sign a confidentiality agreement with the company’s mobile phone. At present, the "voice of Bosnia and Herzegovina" has been in the testing stage, do not know the new president of the United States will not use this mobile phone Chuan pu.相关的主题文章: