A new modern design more unique b-suv spy shots 纪元1701

A new modern design more unique B-SUV spy photos Phoenix Automotive News recently, foreign media exposure of a group of the new SUV models in Germany road test spy photos, pictures from the exposure point of view, although the new models wearing heavy camouflage, still can be seen in the new front styling with design elements, Citroen C4 Cactus at the same time, there is news that, as a new cross-border version of SUV models, I20 models with new or modern chassis as the basis for research and development. It can be speculated that the new car styling is very unique, more outstanding performance. The exterior design, the front part, the new car uses a daytime driving lights elongated in the headlights below, while also using the separation shape of the headlights, looks and Jeep free light some similar. But as a company with a strong design ability, the new models of modern cars may have a new unique design style. According to previous reports, the modern exhibition in 2014 had a INTRADO concept car, the concept of the car is a new style of design, so the appearance of the Geneva auto show to let a lot of people in front of a bright. But now it seems the design of the new SUV will vary greatly, and see in the overview of the models of the LED lamp and headlight group separation design also makes people feel fresh, after all, this design may be more interesting. Power, it is reported that the new car is expected to be likely and modern I20 models share the same power output, equipped with a 1 litre turbocharged engine, but also very likely for the North American market with the launch of the 1.4T version, but overall, car power will not exceed 1.6 liter CRD engine, transmission, according to different power output mode, you can choose 6 speed dual clutch transmission and matching automatic and 7 speed automatic. Spy photos and news clues for e-mail: diezhao#ifeng (#=@), welcome to contact us, once adopted, will be rewarded.相关的主题文章: