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Experienced teachers tell you Huawei Pay in the end how much tide – Sohu technology does not listen to bragging Pro experience, low-key Huawei Pay so cattle. Midsummer in July, Huawei Pay launched a senior experience division line experience activities, the market reaction continued hot. Huawei Pay brings more than 500 senior experienced mobile payment experience unexpected new experience. A lot of experience division to Huawei Pay was unable to restrain the emotions and show the interpretation of the scene, video evaluation technology flow, a school social playfully high perspicacity, crazy show off, they show themselves on the "Chinese Pay" of love and pride in their own ways. Video evaluation technology flow: the first domestic support and playfully show the bank card and IC card Huawei Pay. As the saying goes, master in the folk, in the process of the Huawei Pay experience, the experience of teachers in the form of a variety of evaluation feedback so that we see the power of folk wisdom. Video reviews, comic legend, analysis, combined with the implantation, using graph presentation, making the whole experience more intuitive and detailed details. From Shenzhen known as edgeflaps is I "experience division, by means of video recording Huawei Pay card, payment records, super personnel access and technology introduction, we introduced the Huawei Pay. "I think the winglet is" in the experience, Huawei Pay has obvious advantages: first of all, as long as there is UnionPay flash pay POS machines, you can use Huawei Pay Huawei Pay; secondly, convenient use, only need to be close to the mobile phone POS machine, can also open Huawei Pay even in the black state of the card interface, verification the fingerprint to complete the payment; finally, the security chip, TOKEN technology and fingerprint recognition Huawei Pay more secure. "I love net jumper end" similarly to the second shot video shot, recorded the experience of Huawei Pay, the consumer credit card card by the Shanghai Metro bus, and the whole process of credit card withdrawals. The experience of division, Huawei Pay provides a safe, reliable and convenient for users to pay in the new way, there are more than 10 million units flash pay POS machines can support Huawei Pay, very convenient to use; "Huawei Pay can not open any APP application case can successfully complete the payment network, in the absence of need to pay, experience is very good!" School: a comparison with high perspicacity tutorial, Huawei Pay point like a solid theoretical foundation, tied to the card process details, experience concise and to the point! Some people use video recording to experience the whole process, but also to experience the teacher to do when the professor to study the mentality of the Huawei Pay to do a more objective, more in-depth experience. As known as JaneEyre leads the arena experience division ", on the mobile payment market, what is the Huawei Pay, the payment of the original.相关的主题文章: