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The correct way to lead women to wear skirts short legs: Yang Mi Yang Mi show on micro-blog hot search list, not because of anything else, just because at the airport show legs. The same day, she was wearing a light blue shirt, mini denim skirt, white sneakers appeared at the airport, Yang Mi figure immediately became a popular micro-blog. This, Wang Feng know how to do?! (source: Onlylady woman chi) Yang Mi airport back her favorite street Chanel classic backpack Yang Mi style list other list: denim skirt is this Alexa Chung and AG cooperation cowboy series, this series of denim skirt is fire. Miss bell and AG’s second co series have been launched. Sports shoes are also fire to the Adidas Stan Smith, Yang Mi has worn N times. Yang Mi airport other attentive audience may have found a baby Yang Mi has been in the "small fresh" on the road running non-stop, especially street shooting, white T+ mini skirt (or pencil pants) +Chanel bag is the standard for her summer. A thin lightning in good shape and high standard value Yan Ching, minimalist styling enough headlines.相关的主题文章: