Iphone7 strong sales boost Apple’s share price increased by 11% for the best time in the past 5 year matlab 等高线�

IPhone7 strong sales boost Apple’s share price increased 11% in 5 years and a best technology Sohu – Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying who said iPhone 7 no creativity, Apple also no man may have to face: September 18th according to "the Wall Street journal" news, iPhone 7 officially on sale in less than 3 days, apple shares fell a record of nearly five to the best performance: this week, Apple shares closed at $114.92, the cumulative increase of 11%, the highest since October 2011 the biggest weekly gain, but also help apple to become one of the biggest companies in the S & P 500 index. This part of the company for mouthing apple is undoubtedly a sad thing: according to Bloomberg earlier data show that as of 6 at the end of this year, the number of investment institutions holding shares of Apple was reduced by 1.3%, the total fell to 3847, which is Apple’s stock – 295 investors completely emptied the — now has no cry with the. It is understood that, under the influence of the strong effect of iPhone 7, Apple’s stock price has risen nearly 3 months, far exceeding the S & P 500 index. However, in this year’s Q2 Apple’s earnings for the first time, steady in the fall, the end of the 13 consecutive years after the rise of the fairy tale, the market is generally filled with the voice of the bad mouthing apple. Among them, Omega Advisors and Lansdowne Partners and other well-known investment institutions is empty holdings of apple stock, resulting in since the end of June this year, apple shareholders to reduce the number of 4.6%. In this regard, the investment agency Circle Squared Investments head Jeffrey Sica said: investors now have a sense of guilt as a whole, that they are too conservative, Alternative. (mouthing Apple) lack of innovation which makes many investors chose to leave, but now they finally began to buy Apple stock, it can not help but to bring a loss this can not help but want people to ask: iPhone 7 really nobody bought? Now, the answer seems to be negative. It is understood that since last Friday, Apple’s share price in each trading day rose more than 2% of the rate of growth, and this is mainly due to the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus listed. Just this week, Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus and black iPhone 7 in the apple online booking period has been sold out. The United States well-known operators T-Mobile and Sprint also said that the current number of orders received by the iPhone is almost four times the previous product orders. On the other hand, this effect is received to boost Apple suppliers: the largest anti shake system for assembling parts suppliers in Japan Alps electric rose for 4 consecutive days, Friday’s stock price increase was as high as 6% with nearly 60% orders; iPhone camera manufacturers Largan Electric shares rose 3%…… RBC Capital Markets analyst raised this Wednesday.相关的主题文章: