High burst Sohu halloween- eat and drink 驯龙高手dm456

High Halloween- of Sohu and witch finger biscuits burst source mentioned Halloween many say, usually linked with supernatural things. On Halloween, everyone in order to more harmonious atmosphere and dressed as ghosts; and children dress into a variety of cute little boy knocking door to door to candy. Tuk tuk tuk…… heard someone knocking at the door? Kids may be waiting for you at the door Oh, ready? With the carnival Halloween material: 40 grams of butter, flour 140 grams, sugar 30 grams, egg 10 grams of milk powder, the amount of 1 steps: nuts, butter softened at room temperature after adding sugar, with an electric mixer and sent to 2, adding three times the fluffy egg liquid, every time after fully mixed join the next 3, then sift into the flour with milk, stir evenly until no knife powder 4, mixing the dough at room temperature for 5~10 minutes, relaxation 5, take the right amount of each small dough into thin strips, a witch’s hand, don’t be too thick, because the baking time will to do the expansion, there are convex 6, put into the oven, with a knife or a toothpick India hand joint lines, then stick to the end of the egg nuts sticky point finger nails made of 7, Preheat the oven into the middle of the good, up and down fire 150~160 degrees, bake about 15 minutes to enjoy the finished product相关的主题文章: