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Sichuan Mao brother seafood shop: how to eat delicious seafood and Sanya Sohu, a South Chinese attractive tropical seaside tourist city, but also the country’s oldest areas (the average life expectancy of 80 years). Studies have shown that the longevity of the people of Sanya and it is related to the name of the seafood, the specific reason is: Seafood contains more nutrients, eat seafood can effectively complement the human body lack elements, improve the internal environment, so Sanya people love to eat seafood should be in this one. Sanya’s famous seafood like prawns 20 yuan in Qingdao, so to eat seafood in a continuous line of tourists. But unlike the legendary "Qingdao shrimp", Sanya seafood prices cheaper, but also rich in taste, is suitable for ordinary tourists to gobble down. And today we want to introduce the Sanya is also a well-known seafood processing shop – Sichuan Mao seafood processing shop. Sanya Sichuan Mao brother seafood processing shop is located in Sanya City Xinmin Street No. 123, it is a relatively prosperous street, tourists entered the street will smell the rich seafood flavor, the famous seafood street, Sichuan Mao brother may not be the most easy to find the house, but it must be the most diners home. Sichuan Mao seafood processing shop on the hot business, not only because of the benefits, but more because of the chef Mao’s exquisite cooking. For cooking, salt and pepper, spicy fried, braised, fried, dry burning not only for everything, and everything fine. More people applauded the diners, hair done a brother of Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong and even in the deep attainments. So in Sichuan Mao brother seafood processing shop you can eat what you want "seafood feast". Sichuan Mao brother seafood processing shop has a characteristic, is the only food processing, not to sell seafood from the name, this can also be seen, in the Mao brother shop, diners eat seafood by diners to buy seafood market independently. Although the purchase of autonomy there will be a lot of fun, but also more affordable, but at the time of purchase will encounter such as cheating, not fresh seafood etc.. In order to avoid processing the meat is not fresh seafood, we also specially invited to share the selection of high-quality wool Gelai seafood experience: 1 of goods than three, much more inquiry, comparison, several natural heart. Although traders have the habit of strangers, but after all, is to do business, not blindly bidding with a seafood more than a few asked knew about the price; 2 many people worry about the scale, you only need to prepare a 500ml bottle of beverage, he said on a call directly into it allowed to know, this is the most direct and effective way, in addition, there are electronic scales at the market, as long as you buy at the moment of weight, can go to check the weight; 3 in weighing the former must put plastic bags below the seafood by hand dug a small hole, so that the water can flow out, so as not to buy plus the sea seafood; buy snails, can choose small plastic baskets on the edge can be Water Leakage, let the living snail put seawater spit; buy crab, must use the hand holding force that can squeeze female crab, crab body full of water Points; 4 stare at the hands of traders, they practice for many years out of the way,.相关的主题文章: