Star Cruises Halloween Carnival – Sohu travel 乃々果花

Star Cruises Halloween Carnival – Sohu cruise cruise in the vast sea, people on board, like the mainland as smooth, how to make the tourists every day a bright spot happy happy, is the success of the cruise. It is night cruise in prime time, Star Cruises in Halloween, we were lucky. For Aries, who loves mystery and adventure, Halloween is a free and free night of revelry. It’s a must thing, if not a very familiar person, who can’t really see it. It’s a joy to make a masquerade. Children dress photography festival at the west, Halloween is the most fun for children, with Jack-O-Lantern, every family to knock "candy!" The ability to move home the whole bag of candy, children’s memories of a lifetime. Visitors to their make-up photography on the seven floor lobby at cruise organized to help visitors make-up activities, tourists also have their own makeup is also very interesting. The people on the stage hi up photography at ease in the western countries, each year in October 31st as "Halloween night". Halloween is a traditional festival in Western countries. The night of the festival is one of the most "haunted" in the night, so it is called "halloween". At that time people believed that the spirits of the enemy on this day back in the house to find him in the living creatures, so as to regeneration, and it is people can only hope for regeneration after death. The living dead who are afraid to come to seize the soul of life, so people will put out the fire on this day, candlelight, let the soul can not find the living dead, and dressed as demons and ghosts to scare away the dead souls. Ghost ghost, this is the western culture. Our culture is to respect the ghost, so the annual Lunar New Year in July 15th is Chinese ghost festival of Halloween, the worship of ancestors is a lot of Chinese very important festival. No matter how? Ghost, is the Western consensus, is closely linked to festivals and ghosts. Western beauty ghosts ghosts in Western beauty photography at ease, particularly natural. The ghost of photography at ease is the festive atmosphere rendering Lotto tourism Master also participated in the carnival together, "who is more like a ghost" in hi up. Wolf photography ease twisted up photography at the yangko dance the yangko dance is very charming little twist, a piece of laughter. To make others happy and happy, this is happy to share. The dog Huan Jiao wolf photography photography at two beauty also ease wolf dog laugh not resigned to playing second fiddle. The big wolf photography pays attention to the pumpkin face exaggeration performance, has obtained this program champion. Another winner of the prize winner is our friend, the prize is worth 280 yuan a show tickets. Here we come! Photography peace of mind can not help but also with friends to a memorable Halloween photo. At the top of the tank, a swimming pool buffet is a sign that the swimming pool mimics the waves of the sea相关的主题文章: