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1031-1106 North American box office "strange doctor" 84 million 980 thousand page first: Entertainment – Sohu dominate this week, "Dr. 1031-1106" singular champion of the North American box office Sohu Sohu entertainment news entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) miserable North American film market after a month long downturn at the end of last week, and finally full of blood resurrection. Mass release all harvest rave reviews, the box office is showing a long hot trend. Produced by the United States, marvel studios film company issued the "Disney strong" after the doctor strange, 3882 theaters, caused by viewing frenzy, opening weekend with $84 million 980 thousand performance won the North American weekend box office, the audience back to the theater. This comic book super sci-fi action movie in the North American Film Critics there has been more than 90% of the favorable rate, Yan fried four seat visual effects make it good scene is no suspense to lock Oscar best visual effects award nomination. "Excellent performance" Doctor Strange, also let it become "the 2" ($85 million 700 thousand) after the November Premiere of the highest grossing movie this weekend. "Doctor" also include the singular Chinese, including more than and 40 countries and regions of the synchronous opening draw, overseas market for "Sherlock" signs and attracted a huge audience, as of last weekend, overseas box office exceeded $240 million, prompting the film’s total global real ticket to $325 million. "Doctor" the singular production costs up to $165 million, as a high cost commercial blockbuster film at the beginning of the shooting, although the high degree of concern, but is not optimistic about the prospects of the Hollywood, fortunately, to observe with excellent performance at the present, the film is expected to enter the final year at the box office top five. Last weekend another gratifying phenomenon is that "strange", is not thriving. The United States produced by DreamWorks Studios, twentieth Century Fuchs film company issued the animated "magic fairy", also gain a lot of parent-child viewing group blitz. The film almost filled the gap in the autumn and winter cartoons, the completion of a very high quality of rotten tomatoes website statistics of North American Film Critics rate of up to 74%. The film three days on the weekend crazy roll $45 million 600 thousand, ranked second in the box office standings. This cartoon is only a short version of the high production cost, the cost of $125 million. Fuchs film company is well aware of this, so take the lead in overseas markets, including China, were issued, accumulated $104 million of overseas box office, it also allows local opening weekend box office a lot less pressure, the current global total box office has reached $149 million, with a good reputation if it can be completely support around. You can return the. Has been in silence too long time director of Australia versatile filmmaker Mel Gibson, on the weekend finally launched the long-awaited fans war movie "hacksaw" bloody ridge. It had been in September of this year’s Venice International Film Festival in the world premiere, harvest a basket of praise, on the weekend after the release in North America by the same critics like hot weekend three days, $14 million 750 thousand, 0相关的主题文章: