Fabulous! Ningshan two scenic spots in the forest oxygen bar China list-face gossip

Fabulous! Ningshan two scenic spots in the "forest oxygen bar" Chinese list Western Reuters (correspondent Li Bing) the day before, from the State Forestry Administration, Chinese green times jointly organized the China forest oxygen bar upload to good news in Ningshan Shaanxi days of Huashan national Forest Park, Shaanxi province Ningdong Forest Park topped the "forest oxygen bar" China list. It is reported that Shaanxi’s 5 list, Ningshan has two units on the list, to become the province’s largest county forest oxygen bar. Huashan national Forest Park is located in Shaanxi on the southern slope of Qinling Mountains, northwest of Ningshan County, a total area of 6954 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 91.8%. The park has 1500 species of higher plants, more than 250 kinds of wild animal, a key state protection of rare wild animal is the giant panda, golden monkey, takin, giant salamander 26. Park with the primeval forests, glacial relics, alpine meadow, canyon cave as the main characteristics of climate, cold in winter and cool in summer, warm and moist, is a good place for sightseeing, leisure vacation, summer summer. Ningdong Qinling Mountains Forest Park is located in the middle of the southern slope of Ningshan County, northeast of Canton Street, Xunyang dam, the park has a total area of 3258h square meters. The forest coverage rate reached 96.6%. Plant and animal species, rich in resources, has the characteristics of high biodiversity. Park in Cangshan Qifeng landscape skeleton, dense forests and rich biodiversity and rare wild animal as the main landscape, is a set of tourism, sightseeing, vacation homes, learning, sports exercise, adventure, scientific research and teaching practice in one of the resort. The nature reserve is located in the eastern section of the Qinling Shanxi Niubeiliang National, Chang’an, a third, ningshaan county at the junction, a total area of 16520 hectares, of which one-half in ningshaan territory, is an important source of water conservation in Xi an City and southern Shaanxi, is the only national forest Chinese to protect the national first grade protected animal takin and its habitat the main types of wild animal and nature reserve. It is understood that the Chinese forum is China Green Forest Bar newspaper "forest and human" magazine since 2015 launched " for Chinese forest oxygen " an important part of ecological public welfare activities, is a popular ecological culture and forest tourism promotion activities, aims to promote forest leisure and health experience, the essence of the Chinese forest the selection for the whole society. "Forest oxygen bar" Chinese list of finalists are the concentration of negative air ions and fresh air, high cleanliness, high abundance of tourism resources and tourism facilities and good high, from a second tier city near the national Forest Park, National Wetland Park, nature reserves, national parks, state forest, scenic spots and other forest eco tourism.

赞!宁陕两处景区荣登“中国森林氧吧”榜单   西部网讯(通讯员 李兵)日前,从国家林业局、中国绿色时报联合举办的中国森林氧吧上传来好消息,宁陕境内的陕西天华山国家森林公园、陕西省宁东森林公园荣登“中国森林氧吧”榜单。据悉,陕西此次有5家上榜,宁陕境内有两个单位上榜,成为全省“森林氧吧”最多的县。   天华山国家森林公园地处陕西秦岭南坡,宁陕县西北部,总面积6954公顷,森林覆盖率达91.8%。公园内有高等植物1500多种,野生动物250余种,国家重点保护的珍贵野生动物有大熊猫、金丝猴、羚牛、大鲵等26种。公园内以原始森林、冰川遗迹、高山草甸、峡谷溶洞为主要特色,气候冬冷夏凉、温凉湿润,是游览观光、消夏避暑、休闲度假的好去处。   宁东森林公园地处秦岭中段南坡,宁陕县东北部广货街、旬阳坝境内,公园总面积3258h㎡。森林覆盖率达96.6%。动植物种类繁多,资源丰富,具有生物多样性高的特点。公园以苍山奇峰为景观骨架,以茂密的森林和丰富的生物多样性及珍稀野生动物为景观主体,是集游览、观赏、学习、度假疗养、康体锻炼、探险猎奇、科考研究、教学实习于一处的胜地。   陕西牛背梁国家级自然保护区位于秦岭东段,长安、柞水、宁陕三县交界处,总面积16520公顷,其中二分之一在宁陕境内,是西安市和陕南地区的重要水源涵养地,是中国唯一以保护国家Ⅰ级保护动物羚牛及其栖息地为主的森林和野生动物类型的国家级自然保护区。   据了解,中国森林氧吧论坛是中国绿色时报社《森林与人类》杂志自2015年发起的"寻找中国森林氧吧"生态公益行动的重要内容,是一项生态文化普及和森林旅游宣传推介活动,旨在为全社会遴选推介提供森林体验、休闲养生的中国森林精华之地。入围“中国森林氧吧”名单的都是空气负离子浓度高、空气清新、空气洁净度高、旅游资源丰富度高、旅游设施良好,以及离一二线城市距离近的国家森林公园、国家湿地公园、自然保护区、国家公园、国有林场、风景名胜区等森林生态旅游地。相关的主题文章: