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The most serious flooding North Korea South Korea official refused to aid National Heart tangled News – Sohu North Korean television before the public flood disaster situation in North Hamgyong province. Oriental IC according to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 20th, the United Nations in North Korea coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative Tapan? Mishra (Tappan Mishra) 19, called on the international community to provide material assistance to North Korea’s roof reconstruction. However, BBC20 reported that South Korea 19, said that after the reconstruction of the North Korean floods, South Korea is unlikely to provide humanitarian assistance to North korea. BBC quoted South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Zheng Junxi (Jeong Joon-hee) said: "North Korea did not ask for help, we do not expect them to do so…… Even if they ask for help, I think, from the current situation, we are unlikely to provide assistance." BBC believes that this time the statement is South Korea’s fifth nuclear test in North Korea, its tough stance reiterated. South Korea, "Central Daily" report of 19 days wrote, North Korea held fifth nuclear tests during floods on the occasion, which makes Korea even have flooded assist Korean residents, but it is difficult to say good." In early 16, Yonhap reported that South Korea tried to flood relief North Korea folk group project, but due to shut down Fifth nuclear test in North korea. According to the source of the group said that 59 South Korean aid organizations composed of "on the Korean civil society cooperation conference" on 9 March eight held an emergency meeting, but after the end of the Korean nuclear test again came the news, relief activities are also unable to obtain official approval and will stop. It is reported that last month from 29 to 2 this month, Typhoon No. 10 lion mountain (Lionrock) of North Korea North Hamgyong area experienced the most serious since the founding of the flood. "Singapore United Morning Post" 20 days of reports citing the DPRK statistics, so far more than 138 people died, more than and 400 people missing, about 30 thousand houses were destroyed. United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that the floods caused by the need for emergency assistance to the victims there are 140 thousand people, 600 thousand people are facing drinking water and health issues. In this regard, Mishra said in an interview with Xinhua news agency, said he hoped the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to North korea. Especially when you see North Korea held the power of the country after the disaster, "he said in the post disaster reconstruction is optimistic, and that after the flood, the North Korean government relief work more timely and effective, with the assistance of the international community to show more positive and open attitude. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on 20, after the disaster, the WPK Central Committee issued a petition calling on the participation in disaster relief work, the DPRK Foreign Ministry recently also to many Asian countries toward the envoys held a briefing, informed the disaster situation in North Hamgyong, and urged North Korea to support post disaster reconstruction. The status quo of providing humanitarian assistance to North Korea, Mishra told the Xinhua news agency said that at present many countries.相关的主题文章: