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"Warrior" Li Dongxue: from "Zhen Huan" to now, I changed the "warrior" creative debut in Guangzhou Tencent entertainment news (Wen Ding Bing Bing) August first film studio directed by the famous director Ning Haiqiang, the famous writer Zhao Dongling, Zhao Ningyu screenwriter, Luo Lixian choreographed the war action movie "Warrior" will be held October 14th National release. 13, director Ning Haiqiang, Li Dongxue,, Guangzhou, to the road show to the. The film with the Red Army Long March Dadu, flying from Luding Bridge historical prototype. As a textbook for having heard it many times of historical stories, "flying from Luding Bridge" is the common memory of several generations. "Warrior" is directed by Ning Haiqiang, following the "hundred regiments" directed again with the movie, the scene after the show viewers have said with emotion, there is bloody, the conference site director Ning Haiqiang said, "the film with three words can express" across the river "and" run away "and" bridge "," the river "is a big cross the river," run away "run is beyond the limits of human, is to" bridge "beliefs and ideals, in order to revolution. But more important is to put the audience into the war, the soldiers of the long march of perseverance, to bring the audience a bloody, not like the previous textbooks to read out, but to see it before the show to the audience the The imprint is engraved on my heart. history." It is reported that the film used in the modernization of production standards, will be more than 1000 shots in the battle, staged fully and delightfully thrilling death raid. In this regard, the director Ning Haiqiang said, the film is to restore the history, from props, costumes are all subject to the true history." Starring Song Jialun said, "we shoot every day clothing weighs 20 kg, a play 40 minutes, about the experience of the Red Army soldiers load, but also for the reduction of history was strictly elegant, director from reality, not to engage in fancy stuff, this is on the details of the rigor." "Because of the" Li Dongxue, this has tasted bitterness, he said, "this film very hard indeed, high altitude, mosquito harassment, including our outfits, every time you want to spend a lot of time before shooting. I saw a lot of feelings about the film yesterday. Take this time is really very short, give us the pressure is not small, but after watching the film that everything is worth it." Talk about "The Legend of Zhen Huan", Li Dongxue also showed another kind of maturity, "from the previous" The Legend of Zhen Huan "role until now, for me is a growth, after all, the past 4 years, 4 years for a man who has a decay time."相关的主题文章: