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The "rational economic man", "Busan", is a very interesting film in Busan. The human response to disaster is the main source of the tension of the film. Generally speaking, it revolves around the zombie movie elements, build the basic narrative background. "Busan" the story itself is very simple: due to ecological destruction by man induced a zoonotic super virus, the virus will cause the zombie. Zombie people will attack each other, bite, causing more people infected. Finally, this super virus caused the defeat of world society. The idea of this film is to "make the ugly human look more ugly", to achieve the "noble human looks more noble" purpose. So what is the "ugly human nature" of the film? This is about the main character of the story. There seems to be a lot of characters in the film, but few lines. In a limited number of characters, some people have a lot of lines, which make up what we call "the main character". The positive and negative one is the most worthy of our attention. The actor’s occupation identity, is set as a fund manager; and the villain, that is, flamboyant, in Western dress and leather shoes is roughly equivalent to the board of directors of a company executive". Why do you want to set these two as positive and negative? Because the two of them best represent the "success" and "decency" in the modern sense". Business breeds the modern world, and constantly strengthens the social and cultural character of the modern world. In modern society, a person can be liberated from the displaced the old order, can not all life attachment can be bound, seems very free and independent. All the reasons, in the final analysis, lies in the commercial nature of modern society. Business has created a rich, peaceful, elegant, orderly modern society, but also created a new style of people. This is a rational economic man". As many economists in our country have told us, a person who is fully in line with the "rational economic man" model has the ability to live in the modern world. So, what is "rational economic man"? The important things are always simple. A person must be calculated, he is qualified to be "rational"; only one person is to pursue the maximization of their own interests, he is eligible to become a "economic man". This definition is a dominant concept for a long time in the beginning of modernity. Of course, you might think that this definition is not the same as what you have read about Kant, but you are really right, because Kant does not accept the "human nature" of modernity. Anyway, as the economist observed in the phenomenal social world that "human style rational economic man", almost is your humanity style, humanity style, my our human nature is human style; style handsome actor and fat anti one; of course that is, human style full compartment and shouted "get out" and "scumbag". It is said that the "Busan line" reveals the terrible human nature,相关的主题文章: