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Media exposure beauty two presidential candidates "black material" – International – Washington 8 October Xinhua (reporter Zhang Penghui) in October 9th, the U.S. Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary?? Clinton will hold second televised debates before the evening, the two candidates and their political scandal, continue to impact the moral character the bottom line, causing the American mainstream media lashed out at. "Washington Post", 7, announced a very vulgar conversation in 2005, Trump, which contains obscene and insulting remarks of women. The WikiLeaks website then discloses hacker Hilary Wall Street high speech part and the Hilary campaign part of internal mail, part of speech and her public position is different, may make people suspicious of Hilary’s honesty. Trump’s record in the United States triggered public opinion and political turmoil. Not only the Hilary team and senior congressional Democrats lambasted, Republican National Committee Chairman Puri Bose, the speaker of the house of Representatives Paul? Ruian and many Republican members of Congress said in a statement that cannot tolerate Trump’s words and deeds, some Republican lawmakers called for the withdrawal of Trump. After recording the exposure, Trump made a brief statement of apology, but it is still called the recording "do not represent the true self", while claiming that Hilary’s husband, former Democratic president Bill Clinton’s speech? "Privately without". WikiLeaks disclosure of Hilary’s speech at Wall Street, Hilary advocated open trade and border, but her during a campaign of "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" stance from support to opposition in the repatriation of illegal immigrants also stand clear. The exposure of the black material will make Hilary on election day before to improve the integrity of damaged image is more difficult, but "WikiLeaks" claims will open more for Hilary’s "black material", which means that on her way to the White House may still be buried in the public There’s no telling "mine". "People’s Daily" (09 October 2016 03 Edition) (commissioning editor: Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: