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Director Li Xiaobang and attack the "matchmaker" writing Myth – click turtles entertainment Sohu 80 cutting-edge director Li Xiaobang (left) Sohu entertainment news was born in 80 after the new director Li Xiaobang recently is heady, from the first self directed "I love you" want to listen to "she" was released less than a week on it over 50 million, "she" watch boom has not been, Li Xiaobang director again attack, "matchmaker" turtles continue on the line, following the "she" in the female emotional story after small for the director will start a fantasy in characteristic style. Whether it is Li Xiaobang as a screenwriter "see you and me", or directed "good to hear you say you love me", or as a first screenplay won the best film of the Year Awards of the "college entrance examination", or hits high "she", although the plot different, but director Li Xiaobang in the story that sparks at the same time, a large number of reflection of human goodness and positive, each work brings different fresh feelings "matchmaker turtles" is a new attempt to film director Li Xiaobang, fusion of fantasy, funny, inspirational, through popular elements. Is a part of urban women in the workplace late dream escape. Look at the title "matchmaker" and the film turtles fusion fantasy through funny elements, the audience will think the film is a nonsensical comedy through the film, in fact, "" turtles "through the matchmaker is not a simple consumer of antiquity, but in the system, culture and even the reduction of conflicts in depth." Director Li Xiaobang in the "matchmaker" used to convey the turtles funny positive energy, hope to young people today with the correct values.   相关的主题文章: