Jiang Jingguo Stalin is the reincarnation of the original Tsar or personification.-headache怎么读�

Jiang Jingguo: Stalin is the reincarnation of the original Tsar or incarnation [Abstract] Shi Dalin said: "do you know, today is not I want to help you, but you want me to help you: if their strength, they can beat Japan, I won’t ask. Today, you do not have this power, but also to speak these words, is tantamount to nonsense!" The | Jiang Jingguo in first Century, we had Chinese, although most people lose the "national self-confidence, but also important, or because Japan and Russia imperialism for our powers of aggression and oppression — especially next, change of damage. When Japan did not have the power, Russia came; Russia defeated, Japan rose again; Japan fell down and became Russia’s world. The front door refused the tiger and the back door into the wolf". Japan Tanaka said: "to conquer Asia, we must first conquer China." Japan’s ambitions have been spoken by the Japanese themselves, which is easy to understand. The Russians are different, they are all "supporting small ethnic minorities", help the liberation movement in the colonies, aid China revolution; actually there is absolutely no such thing, it is hypocritical, disguised aggression. For our Russian aggression, to Shi Dalin (interpreter of Stalin, the author of the original translation) era, reach the peak of perfection. Shi Dalin’s aggression, is to inherit the historical tradition of Russia; his policy, it can be said that the implementation of the policy of emperor Peter. What "socialism" and "communism", "national self-determination" and other slogans, but is deceptive illusion. I can cite an example: when I was thirty-four years in Moscow to see the history of Dalin, when after the talk out of the way, his secretary asked me: "do you have a few years did not come to Moscow, what did you find?" I said to him: "this afternoon I arrived in Moscow, at night to see you; so I haven’t found what. But there is one thing I want to ask you, in 1931, I have seen Dalin in the history of this place, all the office now, are the same as before, only a little different; Shi Dalin was behind the desk, is hanging a Lenin standing in the tank above, called on the people to riot paintings, this is not see, another picture of a portrait of Peter the great new things; this is what I found today." The secretary listened to smile to say: "of course, new circumstances alter cases." Shi Dalin was with Lenin in the "revolution", the remnants of Peter the great Tsar Nicola knocked down; now, he used Nicola’s ancestor: a portrait of Peter the great, and he worships the portrait of Lenin instead…… In thirty-four years in February, the United States due to the Soviet war, an early end to the war against Japan; President Roosevelt Dalin ordered the Yalta agreement with history. We had to drive back to the enemy arrives in Japan, had to make compromises, according to the Yalta agreement, negotiations and signed the Sino Soviet Treaty of the Soviet government. In the negotiations, the United States has argued that: to end the war, the Soviet Union must participate in the Soviet Union to participate in, of course, he would like to put forward favorable conditions for him, until he put forward, the Chinese government.相关的主题文章: