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Faint of heart disease in male female netizen bed delay compensation of 240 thousand relief original title: female netizen heart attack fainted in the bed for more than and 20 minutes before they hit the 120 man for man comes home with a female netizen, the female netizen said unwell, drink a few slobber after sudden heart disease faint in the bed, the man did not immediately call 120. But to their friends in 2 calls, delayed more than and 20 minutes called an ambulance, and eventually the friends died. Friends of the family members of the man to court, asking them to bear the responsibility, the final court sentenced the man to bear 20% of the liability, compensation of more than 24 yuan. Two days ago, the Ningbo court network disclosed such a case. Female friends in the home of the man suddenly collapsed in January last year, the public Mr. Pan suddenly received news that his wife Ms. Liang died. He couldn’t believe it, because he had never heard his wife say anything about his health. Send his wife to the hospital, his wife was a while ago in the online know a friend chen. The night of the incident, his wife fell in Chen’s home. Chen said, that night he told Ms. liang from Jiangbei back to his home downstairs two people go upstairs, Ms. Liang called "sick", so he let her in the corridor waiting for him, then quickly returned to the room to get the charger, Ms. Liang also came up, still shouting hard. So he gave her a mug of water, did not think she drank a few mouthfuls, fainted on the bed. Because Ms. Liang died in suspicious circumstances, 2 days later the police to do the autopsy. Police told Mr. Pan that his wife died of a heart attack caused by a coronary heart disease". Participate in the emergency doctor said the disease up dangerous, serious cases may be 5-10 minutes after there is no chance of survival. Although he ruled out, but Mr. Pan still feel that his wife died off relationship with Chen, especially after his wife through the mobile phone records found, for a period of time before the incident, two people carrying his frequent call records. The police investigation also showed that in the case of Ms. Liang sudden discomfort, Chen did not call 120 for the first time, and even with a friend to make a phone call, after a delay of about more than and 20 minutes before dialing the number of 120. "My wife is usually in good health and has never had a history of heart disease. In my wife ill after his home from the hospital, when only a few hundred meters, back in the past or the length of time, but did not try to timely rescue duty, so that delayed the best opportunity to save my wife." Mr. Pan said. The family claims more than 60 yuan in June last year, parents and daughter of Mr. Pan and MS Liang 5 Chen to court, for Ms. Liang’s death, Chen should bear 50% of the responsibility, he claims to more than 60 yuan. But Chen believes that Ms. Liang disease after his rescue is timely, but also advance the appropriate rescue expenses, fulfill the corresponding obligation of relief, there is no fault, rejected Mr. Pan a lawsuit. Ms. Liang sudden physical discomfort, why Chen did not call the first time 120, and first to call a friend with his ya相关的主题文章: