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The banking industry is no longer brilliant, now get the first half of the 35 thousand people from the banking industry is no longer brilliant in the first half of the 35 thousand people "escape" reporter Zhang Feifei Li Jingxia the real economy down, banks are not better than the day. With the 2016 report after the disclosure of listed banks, the operation of the first half of the emerging, in addition to a number of non-performing assets, profit growth continued to deteriorate and rising business, many banks have a new sign: the salary expenditure reduced, once the high income industry into * * * get tide. Affected by this, the 16 A-share listed banks in, the number of employees to reduce the number of banks in the first half of the number of bank employees up to 35 thousand people, the bank suffered the biggest loss in the history of unprecedented wave of A. The cause of decline in bank employees has four main aspects: the decrease in salaries, employees seeking a better development bank; cost control; electronic channel replacement rate rise, bank employees and retirees to reduce natural natural increase. At the same time, the recent frequent large city real estate credit limit policy, also make banks less part has been the most "quality" loans. The bank now resigned from the general cut part for the post of governor of a joint-stock bank in Liu told the "First Financial Daily" said that over the past few years, the banking industry in the higher income, now in the period of economic downturn, the decline in profit growth, narrowing the income gap between countries called for background, combined with the state-owned enterprises get in the background, the banks get is represent the general trend. Up to now, 16 A shares listed banks (in addition to the Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Guiyang shares) full disclosure report, a number of banks in the first half of the staff salaries decline in varying degrees. The four line is industrial and agricultural construction of three compensation expenses decreased, data show that the first half of the industrial, agricultural, construction staff salaries were 43 billion 923 million yuan, 52 billion 126 million yuan, 39 billion 972 million yuan, falling wages were 780 million yuan, 1 billion 553 million yuan, 889 million yuan, the decline was 1.6%, 2.9%, 2.18%. The salary expenditure is the biggest Minsheng Bank, the bank staff salaries reduced from last year’s 11 billion 214 million yuan to 8 billion 740 million yuan, a rate of 22.06%. Meanwhile, the group’s business and management fees of 17 billion 952 million yuan, down by $3 billion 73 million, a decrease of 14.62%; cost to income ratio of 23.03%, down by 4.31 percentage points. The joint-stock banks get more remarkable, analysis of a large state owned line west branch vice president of the "First Financial Daily", because it is directly linked to the joint-stock business and employee income in the banking business, the rapid development period of high income, during the economic downturn, new business or new business do not reduce, cause employee income decrease. The first half of the 35 thousand people leave with pay, is the turnover of bank employees. Xiao Xu has been working in the state-owned bank of China Southern China branch of the business for 5 years, had just graduated from the campus now also encountered a career bottleneck. Talking about the bank’s resignation tide, he said: "really is on相关的主题文章: