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What kind of cosmetic contact lenses, Tang Yan in the "beautiful" Weiyang in double fold eyelid Korean semi permanent tattoo was bright blind starring Tang Yan "Jinxiu Weiyang" clearly known as Nirvana in Fire "story" as the incarnation of Tang Yan, a female version of Su Mei Long domineering revenge plot results rough to our two ha are rolling their eyes…… The first set to play the villain with the army into the West Palace, the villain in the lobby on the West King slander rebellion that killed West King (Tang Yan’s father) is a palace called West kill with lawful authority not to stay, this is how the critical moment at a crucial moment! Results Tang Yan and his party four people! Four people! Just in front of the lobby! Doorway! Eavesdropping, the head of the jewelry jingle ring ring no one found! Damn, is not to say that the eavesdropping was found not to be a villain routine? Your house have been compromised, everywhere is the villain of the people, at least pretend to find a secluded place on the shining…… This story is not like a retarded pengci "Nirvana in Fire" okay? The story is not to say to the explosion, each screen can make people play is how. Tang Yan in men’s look appearance. The crew is obviously to mustering the strength to create a classic paranoid Nvbannanzhuang image, but no one told the crew the wretched little Hu Zichao? The curly and several means ah, the next battle national sister paper to the guest? When speaking mouth move move a rushed pulling her beard impulse. Male Lord Luo Jin also a did not detect this is a woman’s appearance, the crew is not when we eat melon masses are blind? The male master of this kind of intelligence, how does this play still look down?! Push a close-up, double eyelid stickers on the attention. Double fold eyelid attention over turn on the eyebrows, this is the legendary Korean semi permanent tattoo? The words heart clearly thinking of you and my family broke up, but his face seemed to say how the director didn’t call my card is frozen for more than 1 minutes! Burn goose, Tang Yan Korean semi permanent double fold eyelid and eyebrow body, never thought to be women with false eyelashes took all the scenes! Like the ball?! The eyelids are too heavy to lift! Positive, all of the scenes in the eye lashes, unable to look away. Side, it’s going to fly to the eyebrows. The feeling of the crew contracted Hengdian beauty salon semi permanent eyebrows, planting eyelashes, double fold eyelid paste business for more than half a year. The female hair and makeup outrageous, male makeup hair more funny. To Vanness Wu with a black head pigtail, feeling his next start. The most funny is the male Lord Luo Jin, the crew you give people wearing a Bluetooth headset is a few mean? My courage to see the two set, it is not to see. 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast: here down Victoria Secret coffee said: gogoboi told you to open the right way to Victoria’s Secret相关的主题文章: