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38 ST companies put the risk of suspension of listing Paul shell pressure reduction Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my security shell pressure diminished 38 ST companies exist the risk of suspension of listing of 21 ST companies will likely – reporter Gui Xiaosun or the stars hat for most the ST family of Listed Companies in terms of you, how to protect the shell, is still the focus of the work in 2016. Wind statistics show that as of now there are 38 companies in the security shell pressure is relatively large, because the 38 companies consecutive losses for two years, and the latest financial report shows that the company is still a loss, may suspend the listing for risk prediction". These 38 companies, there are 9 companies predict the performance of the first three quarters, in general, is not optimistic. Yiyezhiqiu, from the 38 data also shows that most companies continued losses, just a "barometer of the industry". For the delay did not improve the operating conditions, a number of companies from the same market environment, looking for the cause: "affected by the macroeconomic environment, still facing severe market competition, the market order and the price drop effect", "industry company is facing the situation is still grim, the downstream market demand downturn, is expected to report period operating revenue and profit index fell, the existing subsidiary market environment has not improved, so the performance of the short term can not be profitable." From the prediction of the type of view, these 38 companies, most of the enterprises in the "continued losses, some companies in reducing losses, but why are some frustration: the company through the disposal of assets, cost efficiency and other measures to increase revenue losses and increased profits, as well as a change in accounting estimate positive effects on profits, making the the losses are substantially reduced. Of course, compared with the 38 ST companies, there are some ST companies are lucky. According to Wind data show that there are 21 ST companies will likely be Zhaimao or stars. From the company’s announcement can be seen in the hat or the stars, in addition to the company’s main business improvement, there are still some companies rely on the disposal of assets losses, or rely on after the acquisition of equity compensation performance losses. Insiders believe that the listed companies rely solely on the disposal of assets losses, and can not obtain incentives for long-term and sustainable development, improve the operating conditions, in order to avoid the vicious spiral into the security shell – cap – Paul shell in. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: