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Drops travel and Avis Baghi group to reach a global strategic cooperation Sina Francisco November 15th message, mobile travel platform drops travel announced today with Avis Baghi group (Avis Budget Group) reached a strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will work together for more than 300 million of the China users in nearly 175 countries and regions to provide overseas avis and Baghi (Avis) (Budget) car rental service. According to the cooperation agreement, and Avis budget group will drop each other collaborative products and technology and local business resources, provide a simple and convenient cross-border car rental service China users. Then, the user can lease by Avis, Baghi at the airport and downtown stores vehicles. The two sides will provide users with high-quality overseas car rental experience. Travel by senior vice president and general manager of car division Fu Qiang said: "internationalization is a clear goal and direction by travel, strategic cooperation with Avis budget group is an important step in the internationalization of the road drops. The two sides work together to carry out overseas car rental business, will provide a high-quality local car rental experience for China’s rapidly growing outbound user groups, is conducive to the integration and sharing of resources in the global mobile travel industry open, collaborative development. Drops through the deep excavation and application of large data, innovative products." Avis budget group Mark International President Servodidio said: "by travel and Avis group also committed to constantly develop innovative solutions, providing more convenient and enjoyable travel experience; we believe that this concept can reflect the greater value in cross-border services. We look through this strategic cooperation, let the user experience to travel by Avis (Avis) world famous high-end services, and Baghi (Budget) to provide value experience." According to statistics, Avis Budget Group is a global car rental service providers, Avis, Budget two car rental brands in the world has more than 10 thousand stores in 175 countries, has a total of about one million members in the world. The group is headquartered in Paxipanishi in New Jersey in the United States, with more than thirty thousand employees worldwide. For more details, please check. (Anne)相关的主题文章: