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Foreign media headlines: China speculators fled Vancouver to Toronto stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, Reuters China warrants real-time quotes real escape from Vancouver moved to Toronto a new tax on foreign buyers of the Vancouver property market suddenly cold, but let the Toronto property market is more popular. Toronto real estate bureau data released on Wednesday showed that in August the city’s residential sales surged 23.5% over last year, up to 9813 units, a record high. In contrast, Vancouver residential sales fell 26% in August. In recent years, a large number of foreign buyers, especially buyers from mainland China into Vancouver, making it the most expensive real estate market in canada. The introduction of the new tax is aimed at cooling the overheated property market, in order to appease local discontent. But some industry experts have warned that this may lead to foreign buyers to the property market in Toronto. Tesla Holland accident car driver died on the spot a Tesla Model S electric car accident in Holland on Wednesday, hit a roadside tree, driving the man died on the spot. The car’s battery fell off the fire and difficult to extinguish, due to fear of electric shock, firefighters had to call Tesla engineers, a few hours before the accident will be lifted from the body. Tesla said it is not clear when the car accident in the use of Autopilot mode. The Wall Street journal, the United States found that at least 2 billion barrels of oil reserves of the new American independent oil and gas exploration and production business Apache Corporation (Apache) announced on Wednesday that a new oil reserves at least 2 billion barrels were found in West Texas, which may become the past ten years the most important energy of. The new oil field is located in the vicinity of Davies hill has been neglected by geologists and engineers in the region, according to conservative estimates worth $8 billion, or even 10 times higher. Apache has started drilling in this area, the early drilling production of natural gas than oil, according to the current price calculation can provide at least 30% profit margins, including all related costs including drilling. The company plans to invest 1/4 of its capital budget this year, but it will take time this year to increase production, because the need to lay pipes and installation of processing equipment. Australia’s economic growth for 25 consecutive years the Australian government data released Wednesday showed that the two quarter of this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 0.5%, an increase of 3.3%, in four years the largest increase, the Australian economy marks the 25 consecutive year of growth in developed countries, second only to Holland. CNBC Apple released iPhone 7 Apple Corp on Wednesday officially released iPhone phone and upgrade Apple Watch 2. IPhone 7 entry edition for 32GB, retail price $649; iPhone 7 Plus price $769. The company said it would start accepting reservations on September 9th (Friday), and will be officially launched in 28 countries and regions in the year of September 16th相关的主题文章: