The nfx collection is not good to weaken the international farm-小坂めぐる

NFX international exchange: non-agricultural performance refers to the weaker Camry clients view the latest market (early on) [] market review Friday (October 7th) in September U.S. payrolls data on performance of the market is expected, to dispel the market for the fed in November is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar index fell therefore weaken, but the data is in December this year, the Fed still robust support shengxi. Recently, OPEC plans to cut crude oil, to promote the market gradually dissipated, the market should see more practical action taken by OPEC, at the weekend Turkey oil producer in Istanbul before the opening of the general assembly, oil prices since a week highs adjusted 1%. [] the dollar index trading ideas since the week highs fell to 96.50, nonfarm employment data is less than the expected pressure on the dollar; the euro against the dollar since the week lows hit the 1.12 mark, payrolls data is less than the expected pressure on the dollar to boost the euro, and the euro zone data well support the euro; gold four months of low volatility non-agricultural limit this week the price of gold fell, a record in 2013 the biggest weekly decline since the week highs; oil prices fell 1%, the market for OPEC production plan to boost the rise in profits. Analysis of the international technology exchange goods: the euro against the dollar: the daily chart trend shocks, prices are average between average horizontal extension direction, indicators of MACD energy column and line speed is near zero axis, the support and resistance in terms of resistance above 1.1351 and below support near 1.1068, the overall shock, can be combined with support resistance and shape, low altitude. GBPUSD: daily chart downward trend, the current average price on the slope down, breaking the previous low at the bottom of the average, the energy index of MACD and DIF in the column below the zero axis amplification volume, support and resistance on the 1.2868 resistance, overall downward trend, but the rebound confirmed 1.2868 effective rallies beauty crude oil: the daily upward trend, currently in the callback stage, the price on the high and low points above the average, constantly on the move, energy column and DIF index of MACD in the zero axis continued to enlarge the volume, may be concerned about the support below the 49 mark integer, under the effective support, can do more dips. The gold dollar: the daily chart of the overall downward trend, energy index MACD and DIF are in the column below the zero axis, at the bottom of the average price level continued downward, the average slope down above the 1307 resistance concerns such as near the end of the rebound rallies bearish. [tip] risk of financial data and events today focus on the October 8, 2016     Turkey Istanbul pending OPEC and non OPEC is scheduled to be held on October 8-13 informal meetings, the implementation of the Algiers agreement discussion. 00:45 New York, 2016 FOMC ticket Committee, Cleveland Fed chairman Meister delivered a speech. 03:00 Washington, 2016 FOMC ticket Committee, Kansas Fed President George (Esther).相关的主题文章: