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[sound] 5 thousand yuan complex engraved X62 because Lenovo ThinkPad play bad? Wen Zhou Shuo "X said I don’t brag, January earnings to buy any laptop on the market is enough, but I have no desire to buy, because I can’t find can replace the hands of X62 notebook" net YSX-HK users so ThinkPad X62 expression of love of correcting machine. In the 51nb Forum’s efforts, the revision of the motherboard X62 line, fit X60, X61 series of classic case, support the 5 generation core processor and the new interface, one filled retro enthusiasts for the old ThinkPad performance needs, many netizens also expressed concern on a variety of platforms, there are a lot of people the first time to buy the modified cuanji X62 motherboard. So new everywhere today, some users are still sought after 10 years ago, the X6 series, they in the end what is it? Since the birth of anti Lenovo sentiment engraved since 24 years before the launch of IBM ThinkPad’s first ThinkPad 700C notebook products, has a group of highly viscous black powder around. Especially after the acquisition by Lenovo ThinkPad in China comprehensive market spread, because of more ordinary users to contact the ThinkPad products in the domestic, for the little black discussion in the major websites and forums are becoming more common warm. For the black powder, a second attempt to break the original design to innovation at the same time in Lenovo, there is also a long-standing argument in the hearts of black powder: ingrained is Lenovo’s acquisition of ThinkPad has not previously been black, TP Lenovo brand is playing bad! Every time we see the ThinkPad articles, the following message area will have friends bring Lenovo to TP brand play bad argument, some netizens language fierce even more than you can imagine, the idea is not a handful of people accused of abetting an impression, but users are widely accepted, I understand that this is a anti Lenovo mood, more accurately speaking is a kind of emotional association under the ThinkPad operation. This kind of mood directly led to the need for the old ThinkPad complex engraved. This year 51nb notebook launched a classic X6 series engraved version of X62, a time attracted hundreds of fans closely discussed. In fact, X62 does not exist in the history of ThinkPad, as a tribute to X60 and X61 series of products in a way, producers and fans will be re engraved version named X62. Look at the 51nb forum, which is full of assembly tutorials, use the experience, black apple share, hands-on ability will send a friend to buy stickers, good fun. You can feel from the post to the black powder for replica of X62’s favorite. For now Lenovo, senior ThinkPad powder seems to have always said. "There is a business ingenuity, not love these things now." With other brands of the machine is too serious homogenization, no TP heritage. X2xx series and X1 series can not be separated from other brands, it is difficult to achieve the old TP era Hui相关的主题文章: