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The Fujian National Tourism Denver more than 14 billion 400 million red tourism into a new bright spot in Southeast network October 7th news (the network reporter Chen Nan) reporter from the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, the National Day period, the province received a total of 21 million 246 thousand and 400 domestic and foreign tourists trips, an increase of 14.9%, total tourism income of 14 billion 411 million yuan, an increase of 15.9%; at the same time, red tourism has become a new bright spot of tourism this year. Self drive tour hot according to the sampling survey results show that during the national day of Quanzhou tourists travel accounted for more than 76%; Sanming City major scenic spots (points) received a total of 432 thousand and 300 cars, an increase of 15.3%, mainly from the province and the surrounding city, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other vehicles than the same period last year increased significantly; the holiday during the Longyan self driving tourists accounted for 80% of the total number of reception. In addition, during the national day, train young people as the main self-help increased significantly during the Taining train station is the national import tourists more than 5 people, the Fuzhou train station to send visitors 584 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 4.43%; Longyan section of National Day 192 thousand and 300 passenger trips, an increase of 28%. Red tour tourist highlights September "promote the spirit of the Long March, the Red Memory Heritage" series of activities of red tourism 80 anniversary of the victory of Long March Memorial red army launched, red tourism by domestic and foreign tourists. On the site of the Gutian conference and tsaihsi scenic area, Changting red scenic site group based red tourism market presents a be in full swing scene, red tourism scenic spots in Longyan City, 7 days of tourists reached 500 thousand passengers, an increase of 19%. It is worth mentioning that, during the national day, nearly 2000 people through the Shaxian County airport import, a staff of "one card in hand tour SanMing Tourism gift coupons received, great offers, further stimulating tourism consumption; Fuzhou airport departing passengers during the National Day cumulative number of 122 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 6.27%. The province has officially accepted 52 tourists complaints as of today 18, 12315 during the National Day travel platform received a total of 52 complaints, 9 of which have gone through. "This year, Fujian adhere to speed up the tourist toilet, tourism service center, campgrounds and tourist attractions around the construction projects, and constantly improve the tourism public service system, the" fresh Fujian "become a good choice for many tourists." According to the Provincial Tourism Bureau responsible person, in August 15th, Fujian launched the "rest assured tour of Fujian tourism service commitment to the implementation of tourist complaints in Fujian an acceptance of limited period" Xianhengpeifu ", to a certain extent, promote the majority of tourists to fujian.相关的主题文章: