Alibaba Zhangbei data center is expected to provide services to 2 million SMEs-月丘うさぎ

Alibaba Zhangbei data center is expected to provide services for small and medium sized enterprises – 2 million Beijing China News Agency, Zhangjiakou, September 12 (Chen Xiaoyu) Alibaba announced the 12 data center in Zhangbei No. 1, No. two park is also enabled, the two Alibaba in the center will become the most important infrastructure China north, is expected to provide cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence services for two million small and medium sized enterprises. Alibaba chief technology officer Zhang Jianfeng said, Ali has become a big data company, must have the ability to create high availability, large-scale and replicable Internet infrastructure, strong heart efficient data center computing platform is ali. Zhangbei data center is expected to play an important role in this year’s double 11. Cloud computing has become the fastest growing business unit Alibaba. Reported that in the second quarter of this year, Alibaba’s cloud computing business revenue of $1 billion 243 million, although the entire revenue accounted for only Ali in, but the growth rate has reached an alarming rate of 156%. "Zhangbei construction Alibaba in the most important infrastructure in the north, to attract Zhangbei is our inexhaustible wind energy and solar energy, the cool climate, first-class air quality, as well as gold position" from Beijing only 225 kilometers, Zhang Jianfeng said. According to reports, is located in the small town of Zhangbei Taiwan County of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province Alibaba Zhangbei Data Center No. 1, No. two Park completed in June this year. The data center uses a number of innovative technologies, including fresh air refrigeration, independent research and development of the flying operating system, etc.. Zhangbei county is located in the northwest of Hebei Province, at the southern edge of Inner Mongolia plateau of Bashang area. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology and other four departments jointly issued the Beijing, Tianjin and industrial transfer guide, Zhangbei cloud computing industry base will be built. Hebei Provincial Department of industry and information technology officials believe that the launch of the Zhangbei data center will provide important opportunities for the rapid development of information technology in Beijing, tianjin. (end)相关的主题文章: