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Riding a bicycle with automatic generating a huge electricity when going to the Museum of science and technology, we should have experienced power allowing the bicycle can be lightened, and foreign Billions  in  Change company has turned it into life in Free  Electric automatic start bike. It can not only generate electricity, but after an hour of bicycle, electric power can provide the required it produces a family of 24 hours of power, can we meet the lights at home, turn on the electric fan, charge a mobile phone or tablet computer. Automatic power bicycle bicycle riding lying on the automatic generation of automatic generation of bicycle parts and bicycles on the market are similar, gear, generator, battery and so on, even if the broken DIY can own repair or repair money. But the difference is that the general bicycle is sitting on the seat on a pedal, like gym like a bicycle, and the bicycle is lying to the automatic generation, users can comfortably on the bike ride. It is reported that the bicycle automatic generation, automatic generation of Billions  cycles; in  Change  the company is expected to begin next year in the production of   Free  Electric  electric bicycles, and design two version, low version of mobile phone for $250, and the more high order version comfortable priced at 1200-1500 dollars. If the house is really such a bicycle, it can not only save a little electricity, may also have fitness functions, can be of high order version, even if was suddenly blackout, did not have to worry about electric home to buy such a electric bicycle is a lift to number. 骑自动发电脚踏车 省掉一笔巨额电费   去科技博物馆的时候,大家应该都有体验过脚踏车可以发电让灯泡变亮,而国外Billions in Change公司却把它变成生活中的Free Electric自动发动脚踏车。它不仅能产生电力,而且起了一个小时的脚踏车之后,它所产生的电力就能提供一个家庭24小时所需的电力,可以满足我们在家里开灯、开电扇、充手机或平板电脑。 自动发电脚踏车 躺着骑自动发电脚踏车   自动发电脚踏车的零件和市面上的脚踏车大同小异,有齿轮、发电机、电池等,就算坏掉可以自己DIY修理或者花钱修理。但是不同的是,一般的脚踏车是坐在座椅上踩着脚踏板,就像健身房的自行车一样,而这款自动发电脚踏车却要躺着,使用者可以舒服滴踏着骑这款脚踏车。 自动发电脚踏车 自动发电脚踏车   据悉,Billions in Change 公司预计在明年开始量产 Free Electric 电动脚踏车,并设计两种版本,低版本手机为250美金,而更为舒服的高阶版本的售价在1200-1500美金不等。   如果家里真的有这样一台脚踏车的话,那不只可以省下一点电费,还可能拥有运动健身功能,可以是高阶版本的话,即使突然遭到停电,也不用担心家里没电,买这样一台电动脚踏车可谓是一举数得。相关的主题文章: