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Home-Improvement Zip Screens are one of the newest home innovation products. The main advantage of Zip Screens is that they offer efficient external shading for windows. What is so amazing about these products is that the material zips to the guide channel as it closes, creating a perfect seal that not only blocks out the summer heat but also offers wind and rain protection. Used in conjunction with a veranda, the Zip Screens create a functional and stylish outdoor room. Only at the press of a button, home owners get shade, UV protection, bad weather resistance and excellent protection from small animals and insects. Zip Screens are the ideal solution to add value to your home but also keep you shaded from the harmful sun rays or unexpected summer showers. Owners have the possibility to install them internally, externally or even into the front sides of a glass veranda. Without any hassle, a stylish outdoor room can be created where owners can spend quality time with friends and family, eat alfresco or simply relax and enjoy the summer weather. Zip Screens work by using a special type of high quality fabric that lets in the light but offers effective UV protection by blocking the sun rays from hitting the glass. Due to the fact that the Zip Screens do not block out the light, owners can enjoy the beauty of a sunny summer day without worrying about the well known UV health effects on skin, eyes and immune system. Another benefit is that the room has a much cooler temperature. Owners are not the only ones who benefit from the advantages of using Zip Screens: curtains, carpets, furniture and other home items are also fully protected from the sun rays. Todays Zip Screens are fully automated so as they glide down the guide channel, the zipping mechanism perfectly seals the fabric to the guide as the screen is lowered. Thanks to this special zipping device there will be no gaps down the side. This way, owners are offered protection from the sun but also from the wind and unwanted insects. Not to mention that the fabric will be in perfect condition for a longer amount of time. Another advantage is that Zip Screens are manufactured from an aluminium frame which offers strength and durability. To allow it to blend nicely, the aluminium frame can be powder coated in a large range of colors buyers can choose from. The appearance of Zip Screens can be customized to fit every clients requirements. The benefits of Zip Screens do not stop at keeping your home cool or protecting you and your belongings from the effects of the sun rays. Owners also can benefit from: Automatic Operation; The chance to choose from a large range of colors; Efficient heat and wind protection; Simple and stylish look; Security from insects and small animals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: