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UnCategorized What does the term aftermarket really mean and when is it used? Aftermarket or after market means the sale of parts and accessories of equipment such as generators, lawn mowers, tractors, vehicles, and so on, purposely as replacement, maintenance or enhancement. In other words, aftermarket is a secondary sale of goods and services, and the term is also used in financial investments. So as not to confuse you when you hear the term aftermarket engine parts, let’s point out a common situation like the one below: Springtime has gone by and you welcome the summer with outstretched arms. The family is already planning for that holiday reunion the weekend before the 12th of July, and you will be hosting this year’s celebration. So you check your garden where most of the activities will be carried out, and everything looks okay except that the grass is crying out for a major trim. No problem. You have your reliable lawn mower, but when you take it out to test if it’s working, you find out that the engine won’t start. You check the warranties but it has already lapsed. So you have no recourse but to bring it to the repair shop. It is always advantageous to have basic knowledge of the parts and functions of your equipment so it’s easier to understand the problem when explained to you by the mechanic. Having some basic knowledge may save you on repair costs as well. You can refer to your equipment brochure for the list of parts and accessories and their basic functions. Most brochures also include troubleshooting guidelines found usually in the last pages. The basic engine parts for most lawn mowers are the spark plug, ignition system, flywheel, carburetor, fuel tank and lines, intake and exhaust valves, spark arrestor, and the piston. Your mechanic may ask you to purchase any one or more these engine parts which you can find in aftermarket engine parts dealers. Just make sure that you purchase them from an authorised dealer and do not be swayed by offers of generic parts or non-original parts because more often than not, it will cause you more problems with your unit later on. Proper maintenance of your units or equipment is very important especially after the winter season. For you lawn mower, it is advisable to change the spark plug and filters after a long storage. Fresh oil should always be used and greasing of working parts is essential. Always check the blades before and after use and clean them regularly. Before storing your lawn mower, make sure that the undersides are also cleaned thoroughly. If you are storing for longer periods of time especially during winter, it is recommended that the fuel tank is full to avoid moisture build up. You may use lubricants for the parts such as carburetor, but some prefer to spray fogging oil which is observed to be more effective especially during winter season. To spare you the trouble of engine breakdowns with your car, or your generators or mowers, proper maintenance is always the key. Visit your trusted aftermarket engine parts dealer who can provide you the original parts that you might need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: