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Home-and-Family Go Shopping on Memphis Vacations Shopping on Memphis vacations can be a unique adventure in itself because of the citys eclectic mix of the modern and old, the mainstream and the out of the way shops, boutiques, and stores to choose from. There is the Memphis Most Beautiful Business Hall of Famer Oak Court Mall; it is a two level center designed with Italian marble, bronze statues, and skylighting with over sixty shops and numerous dining options. The Wolfchase Galleria is another, anchored by department store giants Sears, Macys, Dillards, and JC Penney, featuring shops of famous brand names such as Guess, Disney, American Eagle, and many more. Shoppers looking for more unique and interesting items and souvenirs can head over to Beale Street for them; there is the A. Schwabs Dry Goods Store where you can find voodoo paraphernalia, plastic back scratchers, plumbing supplies, mens overalls and other things you might not really need but cannot resist buying. The Cooper-Young district is another neighborhood full of shops carrying antique furniture, handmade items, and Memphis memorabilia; for those who love vintage music, check out Goner Records to find old records and tracks from artists you may not even have heard of until then. Musical Memphis Vacations Memphis is known to be the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock n Roll, it is also home to Elvis Presley, one of the music industrys biggest names. The Beale Street Music Festival is one of the most anticipated events in the music world every year; it is a three-day event featuring a wonderful mix of local and big name artists performing on four different stages in Tom Lee Park. The event draws large crowds from all over the country who .e to participate in celebrating Memphis musical heritage. Graceland is another major reason why people .e to Memphis all year round. Guests can take guided tours among the rooms of the mansion; see personal and family photos, stage costumes, and other memorabilia. Another anticipated musical celebration is the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival held every September on Main Street; it is a two-day event featuring musical and dance acts as well as Southern food and arts and crafts. Choose to spend vacations in Memphis now to experience all these and so much more. Memphis Vacations on a Budget Setting a budget and sticking to it is not impossible to do while on Memphis vacations. All you need is some creativity and research and you can find numerous activities and local attractions that will not cost much money to enjoy. First up is Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley; tours inside the mansion and estate .e with admission fees but you can cheat a little by not actually going in but just standing by that famous entrance gate of musical notes and outlines of the King himself and have your picture taken. You can also check out museum and park schedules because they always offer free admission one day in the week; visitors get in free on Tuesdays in the Lichterman Nature Center, the Pink Palace Museum while the Fire Museum of Memphis offers a buy one take one scheme. Boat rides on Ole Man River or the Mississippi may not .e free but spending an afternoon watching boats sail by is; you can also walk along the riverbank or have a picnic on some grassy spot. Eco-friendly Memphis Vacations Go green on your Memphis vacations; you can easily .bine environmentally friendly practices as you have fun and adventure in this wonderful southern city. For your ac.modations, choose lodgings that practice and promote environmentally friendly methods such as the Marriott Memphis, they recycle, use energy efficient lighting, employ water conservation methods, and have a program for reusing linen. For your part, you can turn off electronics such as lights and television when you do not need them; reuse your towels and inform housekeeping that you do not need to have them changed every day. Be conscious of dripping faucets and showerheads, turn them off properly or if they are defective, report them to the management at once. When exploring and sightseeing, walk as much as possible or use the public transport system if necessary, you reduce carbon emissions by skipping rental cars or taxis not to mention being able to discover out of the way shops and cafes that you would miss should you have taken a taxi or car. Choose local and in season foods when dining out or buy from farmers markets; you are helping their economy and locally produced foods are less expensive but taste just as good or even better than imported ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: