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Personal-Finance There is a large section in the world populations who have earned a fortune in the last century and the trend still continues, thanks to certain jobs and the undying spirit of entrepreneurship. The .paratively young population is now making fast money but what they do with the money, how when and where they spend it or save it, etc, are important factors that they need to consider. Earning loads of money but misusing it makes no sense. Therefore this important faculty is also being looked after by some responsible people or organizations. Money management and wealth management have be.e important business in many counties. Highly professional and responsible individuals or organizations are involved in money management and wealth management. There is some difference in the two, the basic being that wealth management does not only involve money management but also assets as well. Wealth management is for people who have a sizable fortune. Money management is also referred to as investment management or portfolio management and deals with the risk of investing, especially in a situation where uncertainty prevails. A money manger decides the percentage or part of the clients money or wealth that can be put into risk, so that it yields maximum profit. Money managers provide practical advice for various services based on their specialized knowledge. Money management can be a success by approximately analyzing in.e and expenditure and therefore establishing budget. Individual freelancers or private banks and other institutions may provide these services to their clients who may be an individual like a celebrity or institutional investors, a professional, or a retired employee. Money management needs money mangers who are expert in research and analyzing investment strategies that will incur profit for both the client and the manager. The fee of the manager depends on the percent of wealth he/she is handling. Money managers specialized in advisory or discretionary management and work for wealthy, private investors are referred to as wealth managers and their services as wealth management or portfolio management. Wealth Management is a discipline of advanced investment advisory that provides high . worth individuals and .anizations specialist financial services and planning, tailored with retail banking services, legal resources, estate planning, investment management, and taxation advice. Their goal is to sustain the wealth and see it grow as long-term wealth. Learned individuals and .anizations may think money management or wealth management can be done without professional assistance but, in reality, it is a tough job. It involves lots of research and survey before one can take a decision as to which investment strategy would be most useful. If an individual is willing to take up this job on his or her shoulders, he/she will have to spend a lot of time and energy and yet might end up incurring a loss. Hence it is advisable to take the suggestions from professionals. They are well aware and educated in this field and are therefore have better expertise. They know about the tax liabilities too and to minimize that. These professionals can efficiently manage your wealth along with reducing the investment risk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: