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UnCategorized Progressive is one of the nation’s leading insurance .panies, and one of its hottest deals is motorcycle insurance. Getting a Progressive motorcycle insurance ought to be easy even for the first-time bike owner, but just to make things easier, here are a few tips on what to expect. You can get a Progressive motorcycle insurance quote in two ways: Drive, or Direct. These are Progressive’s official call signs for quotes gotten via an agent (the old-fashioned way), and quotes gotten over the phone or via the Web (through their Web-based calculator, or their customer service representatives). You can get details on both if you log onto their official website for motorcycle insurance,… Note that both Drive and Direct quoting methods are available for their other insurance packages, not just the one for bikes. In case you have more than one type of vehicle you’d like to get quotes for, the Direct quoting method may well be the fastest and most convenient way to gather the information you need. Online Web calculators such as Direct make shopping for insurance faster and more convenient. Progressive also offers a homeowner discount, as well as another kind of discount for people who want to insure more than one motorcycle in a single go. Basically the same coverage options are available for both Drive and Direct, but the premiums are different. The .mission cost of the agent you’ll be consulting with will be figured into the quote for Drive, while the cost of maintaining a direct-sell center is figured into Direct. Don’t be daunted by Direct: even for the not-so-tech savvy, answering the questions on Direct that would lead to a good quote is not a .plicated process. You’ll be asked for the standard information that you can expect your agent will ask of you as well, should you choose Drive over Direct. Questions such as safety record, age, motorcycle type, and the amount of claims made against previous policies. Expect the same questions too should you choose the phone-in customer service option for Direct. Some insurance .panies may not make allowances for custom motorcycles – not so Progressive. It also admits bikes that are over 25 years old. But note that the Progressive motorcycle insurance policy does not cover all bikes. There are some very specific types of motorcycles that the .pany ac.modates. You can view the list on Progressive’s official bike insurance website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: