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Health Well show you how to pull off a look you can really sink your teeth into with these celebrity beauty products and ideas from your favorite characters! The past two years have definitely been all about vampires. From Twilight to True Blood and everything in between, fans worldwide have professed an insatiable blood lust for all things fanged and fabulous. Book series like The Vampire Diaries and Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels have made for popular TV fare while the Twilight Saga has ruled both at the box office and on the book shelves. If youre one of those fans youve probably been tempted to try a look like one of those series popular characters. Heres just a few to try on for size! Bella Swan: As the heroine of the Twilight series, Bella Swans look is often described as less than stylish in the books. But on screen, Kristen Stewart manages to make the movie version of Bella look sweet and casual chic. The key to pulling off Bellas look is basic, neutral colors. For the eyes, try a light peach and champagne eye shadow palette topped with brown mascara. Blush should be rosy to artificially pull off Bellas signature flush. For lips, stick to pink or nude lip gloss. Sookie Stackhouse: Everyones favorite waitress, True Bloods Sookie Stackhouse is a classic Southern belle. Shes every bit the girl next door but she knows how to turn on the charm for a night out with Bon Temps resident vamp, Bill .pton. Celebrity beauty products you could use to pull off Sookies evening look include a smoky eye shadow palette that goes easy on the eye liner. Add a touch of pink lipstick and youre ready for a night out on the bayou! Alice Cullen: As Edwards sister and Bellas closest female friend, Alice has a knack for making the rest of the Cullens look good. The pint-sized fashionista would be perfectly at home in Hollywood or Milanif she werent a vampire. Anything goes when it .es to celebrity beauty products to help pull off an Alice-worthy look, but start with a colorful eye shadow palette that .plements golden-colored eyes. Try something trendy like turquoise or a deep plum. Add just a hint of body shimmer to get that signature Cullen glow. Elena Gilbert: As the femme fatale of The Vampire Diaries, the book series version of Elena was a bit of a diva. On the CWs television version, Elena is a little more approachable. Lure your own Stephan by embracing her sweet look its perfect for a high school girl. Elena rocks an eye shadow palette of nature-based colors like soft browns and golds. Round out the look with a soft pink blush and coral-colored gloss. Copyright (c) 2010 John Howell About the Author: 相关的主题文章: