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Business Most companies recognize that their most valuable asset is their employees. The knowledge, dedication and consistency of employees are what keep a business going. Unfortunately this is not necessarily conveyed to the actual employees and time after time the top complaint of employees is the lack of recognition. When workers do not feel appreciated they may sometimes feel disconnected from the company, andno one wants to believe that their company sees them only as a cog in a wheel, easily replaced by another cog. One way to address this malaise is to begin an award program. It is important to appreciate and reward positive attributes and behavior. Not only does this help to retain the employees who are rewarded, it helps to set a standard for newer or lower performing workers. The appropriate award can be motivating for each employee to strive for excellence. An incentive program can be an effective way to have the whole organization reaching for the stars. When an incentive program is consistently maintained it can be a powerful motivating factor in retaining valuable employees. Individual companies may have a wide variety of tasks that would be appropriate for rewarding. Performance indicators for an award are tied to the business owners goals for the company. When on time production is important, it should be recognized when it is accomplished. Sometimes companies promote safety and offer safety awards. Longevity deserves to be noticed and appreciated. And awards for reaching sales goals encourage persistence in the field. Production goals or excellence in shipping or other duties are more reasons to appreciate. From industry to industry the tasks that could earn a reward may change, but the necessity of showing appreciation to employees is common to all. When offering an award the gift received is an important factor. A cheap or common trinket has little value and does not express worth. An appropriate gift is something the holder will be proud to show friends and family. It is something that will be associated with a positive feeling for years to come. It will last a long time always retaining its original style and beauty. A beautiful piece of jewelry would be an excellent choice. A gold ring is elegant and useful. Your employee will wear it with pride. It will impress all who see it. An award program that recognizes benchmarks in longevity or sales goals with gradually more valuable gemstones has multiple layers of benefits. For the employee that next gem may be a strong pull for greater performance. In the workplace it can be a subtle marker of excellence. For the customer it is a source of pride to work with a company which values and rewards its people. Putting an awards program in place is a wise choice for a company to make. Appreciating and rewarding employees is a sure sign of a healthy and growing business. Whatever the business goals of the business, it is the employees who execute the plan. Employees who achieve excellence deserve to be rewarded with high quality jewelry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: