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7 year old boy was stepmother cut mid autumn night more than 20 knife knife fatal (Figure) – Sohu news in September 16th 1 in the morning, the reporter received a report said, a 7 year old boy was stepmother even cut more than 20 knives, now the boy is Xuzhou mercy hospital. Reporters rushed to the Xuzhou Charity Hospital, confirmed the boy was the stepmother with a knife chopped, resulting in the hand arm fracture, multiple head wounds, can be said to be a deadly knife. Lychee news reporter in Xuzhou Mercy Hospital Ward saw the boy was chopped, the boy had just gone through more than three hours of surgery, from the resuscitation room surgery was sent to the ward. The child’s grandfather and grandmother told reporters four four, children 7 years old this year, is the mother with a kitchen knife cut. According to the child’s four grandfather introduced, the boy called Xiao Kun, this year, the age of 7, the father of the child to work outside, due to the normal stepmother on the child is not good, the father of the child will be raised in his home. Unexpectedly, in the Mid Autumn Festival in the morning, the stepmother child unexpectedly to children butchers. According to the deputy director of hand microsurgery Mercy Hospital of Xuzhou Qi Weiya introduction, a total of more than and 20 children body wounds, hands arm chop fracture, the child’s head also has many fatal injuries, the injury is very serious at the time of admission. Subsequently, the boy’s father also came to the hospital from Qingdao. According to him, the child is so very stepmother on children’s hand, this is because he wants revenge, one is to divorce him, on the other hand is a family of small children think her child is better than kun. It is understood that the child’s stepmother cut off after the child fled the scene. The murderer has been under the control of the local police, the case is under further investigation. Qi Weiya, director of the child after the rescue, the current weight of life has basically returned to normal, but still need further observation. Source: litchi net相关的主题文章: